Chocolate Buffet at the Peninsula’s Lobby Cafe

I’m a chocolate addict! Wait, make that a dessert addict! When I found out two weeks ago that the Peninsula Manila has a Chocolate Nights Weekend Buffet, I told my mom and my hubby, Dondi, that there’s just no way that we’re going to miss it.  And so, last Friday, all three of us trooped to the Pen for a night in “chocolate heaven” together with my baby Abby (no chocolates for her yet!).

I made reservations for four earlier that day and at exactly 9:30pm, we were already at The Lobby being ushered to our comfy seats a few steps from the buffet.  The Lobby of the Pen is well known for it’s ambiance, specially at night when it’s dimly lit and a live band plays soothing music.  The mood was just perfect for a night of indulgence!  :)

When I finally approached the buffet and saw what was laid out before me, the words “death by chocolate” flashed in my mind.  There were at least 4 kinds of chocolate cake, about 3 kinds of mousses, crepes, lot and lots of truffles, brownies, souffle, rocky road ice cream and a chocolate fondue!  I wouldn’t be surprised if the plants turned out to be chocolates, too!  Whew!  I thought I should pace myself so I can try out as much of the selection as I can.  For starters, I had chocolate fondue and got fruit kebabs and bits of simple cake for dipping. Yum!  Before I got to finish my appetizer, my mom and Dondi, who had a head start while I was feeding Abby, were already complaining that the buffet is just too rich and that there’s just no way we will be able to taste everything.  Good thing we ordered arroz caldo for Abby, which of course, she was not able to finish.  We would take a break from the chocolates by sharing the arroz caldo among ourselves.  We also decided we should order fries.  Ha ha!  For my next round, I had orange mousse and crepes.  Then, I took a few minutes of “french fries break”.  My next picks were chocolate fudge with white sauce and chocolate cheesecake.  Halfway through my third round, I’ve decided I wouldn’t be able to make the most out of the 495.++ per head.  That was hard to accept because in my mind, that chocolate buffet was the greatest thing since sliced bread!  Well, my mom’s right it was just too rich and too much!  My mom decided to just give her full attention to the fries while Dondi was convinced he was already getting sick. :P

Still not about to give-up, I had a scoop of rocky road ice cream for my finale.  Since I’m not the biggest fan of nuts in whatever kind of chocolate, the ice cream was left half-eaten.

If you’re a chocoholic, I’d still recommend that you try out the Pen’s chocolate buffet.  It’s every Friday and Saturday from 8:30 pm to 12 midnight.  The 495.++ comes with a cup of coffee or tea.  One piece of advice though, bring a bag of chips or salted nuts with you!

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  1. Jen says:

    My mom will love this! She’s a chocoholic din eh.

    Hi Jen! Marami na yatang nagcho-chocolate buffet ngayon. Do give it a try pero as I said in this post, dapat may pantanggal suya kayo! ;)


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