Brazil! Brazil!

Last Thursday, being Dondi’s birthday, we had a good excuse to go on a gatronomic adventure.  And so, we drove off to Brazil, not the country, but the restaurant at the gorgeous The Piazza at Serendra in the heart of Global City (Fort Bonifacio) right next to Market! Market!.  You didn’t think we drove off to South America, did you? :) (Sorry Pinky!)

Upto the time we (my Mom, Abby and me) picked Dondi up from work (yup, he did go to work!), we still have not decided on a restaurant for Dondi’s birthday dinner.  All we know is that we’re going to Serendra and we’ll make a decision when we get there.  The Piazza, being new, had only about 10 restaurants/bars/coffeshops in operation.  Nevertheless, it wasn’t very easy to choose because all the restaurants looked like they have something interesting to offer.  We narrowed down our choices to 4: Polu Kai (Hawaiian), Tatami (Japanese), Gaudi (Spanish) and Brazil (Brazilian, obviously!).  Brazil became the top choice because the celebrant is such a carnivore…a vegetarian’s nemesis, really!

We’ve always been curious about Brazil, which has a brach called “Brazil! Brazil!” at the Powerplant Mall in Makati and at MetroWalk in Ortigas, but never gave it a try because we thought it was too expensive.  At least, we had a good excuse to splurge a little.  Brazil offers a buffet feast (no ala carte!) which includes all you can eat churrasco.  And since it just recently opened, the Serendra branch is offering 10% off the weekday/weeknight price of Php 495.++.  They charge a hundred pesos more on weekends but there are more choices.

At the circular buffet counter are 5 kinds of salads: fresh greens with 3 kinds of dressing, asparagus caesar, mango and corn, cucumber with olives and fruit salad (for dessert).  The hot items included penne pasta in garlic and olive oil, fish fillet, steamed vegetables, and rice.  Other than the fruit salad, there was vanilla cake for dessert (not much, if you ask me!).  Mushroom soup was served on the table.  The asparagus caesar salad turned out to be everyone’s favorite, followed by the mango and corn salad, which Abby loved.  Dondi and I had second servings of the pasta, which, in spite of its “bareness”, what with only olive oil and toasted garlic going for it, was just plain yummy.  The fish fillet in red sauce (sorry, forgot what it’s called!) was surprisingly good and tender.

The star of the buffet are the churrascos.  The variety of grilled meat included: beef loin, beef brisket, chicken thigh, pork belly, pork loin and sausages.  There were also grilled corn on the cob, bananas and pineapples.  A server brings the different varieties of churrasco one at a time, slices a piece ever so thinly (except for the chicken, which is served by piece and the sausages, which are sliced in big chunks), which the diner catches with a pair of thongs.  Everyone’s favorite was the beef brisket, grilled just right, a little on the rare side, but we were ok with that!  It was also a little fatty so we had to trim off the fat.  A close second was the beef loin.  I loved the chicken, which did not taste peppery at all, in spite of the presence of peppercorns all over it.  Dondi ignored all the non-meat churrascos.  Abby had a ball munching on her corn on the cob.  I tried the grilled pineapple.  Well, it was different. I’m not used to eating very warm pineapples. :)

On top of each table is a yoyo, which is green on one side and red on the other.  We were told that as long as the yoyo’s green side is up, the servers will not stop bringing churrascos to our table.  They’ll only stop when the red side is up.  And so, we pretty much left the green side up the entire evening, until Abby decided to play with the yoyo.  We ended up calling on the servers and simply requested for our favorites.

My Mom, who is one of the hardest people to feed, enjoyed the dinner.  It was a relief to see her plate so “clean”.  She said she wanted to eat some more but she was too full already…you know the saying, “the mind is willing, but the body is not”.

While singing the birthday song, the Brazil staff brought Dondi a chocolate cake with a lighted little blue candle, just when Dondi was chewing on a chunk of meat and while I was getting food from the buffet. :)  I had to rush to our table to take pics.  Anyway,  it was so sweet of them.  The cake, which was a cross between black forest and chocolate mousse was oh-so-yummy.

When we got out of the restaurant, we decided we should come back to The Piazza to try out the other restaurants (Mia, we’ll try Polu Kai next!).  Dinner turned out to be quite an experience and the birthday boy loved it.  :)  The Piazza is such a wonderful place with a calm about it that makes you just want to stay and sit on the benches a little longer.  I so look forward to our next visit!  Ole!


The fountain right in the middle of The Piazza.


Dondi and the Pork Belly. :)


My turn to be served pork belly. :)


Mr. and Little Miss Brazil


Name that meat (clockwise from 12 o’clock): pork belly, sausages, beef loin, beef brisket, pork loin and chicken thigh.


What’s a birthday wihtout a birthday cake?


The Birthday Family :)


Our Brazilian Buffet Team :)

Our adventure did not end here.  We went straight to Cupcakes by Sonja after coming out of Brazil. :)  You shall hear about that next.  For now, I gotta get some sleep.  Heehee.

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  1. Keith says:

    Yum! Pinky and I have always wanted to try that Brazilian Barbeque but never did since we were afraid we would die of cholesterol. After seeing your pictures my mindframe is … who cares as long as the food is great! Hmmm, did I just blurt that out… God might take me seriously. I’m not yet ready to die yet.

    Your pictures look great and the food really looks very appetizing. This will definitely be in our a “must try” list next time we come home.


  2. Weng says:

    Hi Keith! You know what, we’re toying with the idea of going back to Brazil! Haha! We should really stop stuffing our faces with so much food. We’re getting ridiculously “chubby” already. But nah, we just love to eat…and eat we shall! ;)


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