Going Bananas: Banana Choco Chip Bread

Last Sunday at around 9:30pm, when most people are already asleep, I decided to give our over ripe bananas a new lease on life…

banana choco chip bread

I don’t know why I never thought of doing this before, opting instead to just let bananas after bananas go to waste.  Shame on me!

banana choco chip bread slice? :)

But that won’t happen again.  From the outcome of this late night baking project, I know for sure this won’t be the last time.  The finished product was so surprisingly moist that it almost felt like I went through a banana bread baking degree program.  Haha!  Anyway,  the original recipe used walnuts, which I conveniently substituted with chocolate chips…ever the chocolate lover that I am.

banana choco chip bread slice with whipped cream

For sure, this won’t be my last banana project.  Besides, I have banana recipes waiting to come to life, one from Meeya and another one from Kris. ;)

You can check out the recipe I used here. :D  And beware if you use choco chips like I did.  It’s not exactly for weight watchers, nor is it for “sugar watchers”.  Hee hee! ;)

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11 Responses to “Going Bananas: Banana Choco Chip Bread”

  1. Marketman says:

    That looks good! Why didn’t I think to add chocolate chips to banana bread? it sounds like a terrific combination!

    Marketman! What a pleasant surprise! I’m so honored. Really! I’ve always loved banana bread but I don’t recall ever having a banana choco chip combo ever so I thought, why not? I got my chocolate fix and saved the bananas from being thrown away. It’s a terrific combination all right! ;)

    Thanks so much for the visit! I’m starstruck! Hahaha! :razz:


  2. Thess says:

    That looks like a killer banana choco chip bread! gimme some! :razz:
    Weng, mukha ako’ng mananaba lalo sa kakasilip dito ah! :eek:

    Hi Thess! Type na type ng mga regular “eaters” ko dito sa bahay..that would be hubby and Abby! Hahaha! Mukhang ako din ay mananaba dahil sa binigay mo sa aking food blog! Naiinspire kasi ako lalo mag-luto. Promise! Mmmmwah! :D


  3. Meeya says:

    hi weng! naks naman pinanindigan na talaga ang pagiging foodie! great job!

    which recipe did you ultimately follow? if it were me, both choco chips and walnuts ang gagamitin ko, hehe (takaw). :D ako, tsaka na magbe-bake pag may oven na ako, haha! :D

    Thanks, Mee! I used the recipe I found at Joy of Baking. Pag nakabili ako ng wafers, I’ll use the recipe you gave me next. ;) Wala bang oven sa suite? ;) Hee hee!


  4. ela says:

    ay gugutumin pala lalo ako sa blog na itoh e!
    ehehe… nwys congrats sa bagong blog!

    Hahaha, Ela! Thanks for dropping by! ;)


  5. cez says:

    wow! looks yummy! parang gusto ko rin tuloy!

    Hi Cez! Naku, magpabili ka na ng banana bread! Hindi daw dapat dinedeprive ang buntis! Hee hee! :razz:


  6. justme says:


    I’m thess’ brother and I will try to bake your banana cake recipe.

    Welcome to the family.

    Nice meeting you, Ferdie! :) Thanks for the warm welcome! :)


  7. WOW! that looks really yummy! masubukan nga! i used to make banana bread with walnuts but i never thought of adding choco chips nga. hehehe! although i’m sure mika will pick them out once she sees them :p my daughter’s an alien, what can i do? siya lang yata ang bata na ayaw ng chocolate.

    Hi Kris! Thanks for the recipe you sent me. :D Ayaw naman pala ni Mika ng choco chips eh! That’s really unbelievable! But that’s a good thing na rin! ;) Abby loves sweets! But I seldom buy chocolates now…for her and MY sake. Hahaha! ;)


  8. abby says:

    naaks naman weng! my mom also used to make banana bread, namiss ko tuloy. naku dati whenever i make this, it always tasted of flour, ewan kung bakit!

    Hi Abby! I can’t bring myself to believe that your banana “always” tasted of flour. Ikaw pa! Stir! :D Hahaha!


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  10. jenb says:

    Ayayay! I love banana bread (as in i make batches and send small loaves to the moms and the aunties.) I’ll probably try this. Matagal tagal na ring di umiinit ang oven ko. :)

    Hi Jen! I’ve also always loved banana bread! Hahah! ;) Hala sige, painit mo na ang oven mo! :)


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