Halloween Treats

I spent Halloween eve baking these…

caramel cupcakes

Caramel Cupcakes

fudge marble cupcakes

Fudge Marble Cupcakes

It wasn’t all that hard as I turned to my friend Duncan Hines for these goodies.  No credits from MBA programs necessary!  All I needed to do was beat in 3 eggs, a little oil and a little water to the prepared mix and voila. ;)

Ahhhh, but these I made from scratch…

M&M Cookies

M & M Cookies (MM being Munckin Mommy!  Hee hee!)

I baked these the morning of Halloween.  I used a chocolate chip cookie recipe from my yet to be broken in Hershey’s Classic Recipes (book).  Since I used M&Ms, it is but right to call these goodies, what else but, M&M Cookies! ;)

Click here for the recipe.

I made more than enough for us, my friend Bet and her brood, and the trick or treaters. ;)

m is for mmmm

mmmmmm….. :wink:

treat or treat?

Treat or treat?

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2 Responses to “Halloween Treats”

  1. dang says:

    sa picture pa lang nakakagutom na ang mga goodies mo weng!! :)
    how i miss baking..(and cooking..)!!!i do have to bake this wednesday or ill do it tues night kasi special request ni hubs for a colleague..(food for the gods)
    how i wish matikman ko minsan ang mga luto mo??punta ka kaya dito??kasama si abby syempre para me kalaro si miguel..(ay pati si hubs din….;)

    Hi Dang! Long time no hear, ah! :neutral: How’s school? Naks, talaga naman pag si hubs ang nagrequest, suot agad ng apron at oven mitts! Hahaha. Food for the gods…that sounds so yummy. Share naman ng recipe! Gusto ko talaga magpunta ng Florida so I can visit you and Meeya. Haaay, kailan kaya? Basta huwag mo ako tataguan ha! Hehehe! :lol:


  2. Meeya says:

    trick or treat?

    *with matching pa-cute para mabigyan ng cookies* :D

    Naku, kung malapit-lapit ka lang e ikaw ang susuko to the point na pagtataguan mo na siguro ako! :lol: Who know, ‘no? Baka next time e a few minues drive na lang ang layo natin sa isa’t isa! ;)


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