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One of my worries when we moved to Austin was where to eat authentic Asian food.  It’s no secret that countries tend to tweak (international)  dishes to suit the local taste.  Filipinos eat with so much gusto and we love flavorful food, hence, the abundance of authentic Asian and other international restaurants in the Philippines.  No need to overtweak those recipes…save maybe for spaghetti, which most like to be sweet.  I’ve associated the American taste to blandness and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who has made such a sweeping generalization. ;)  You have, too, haven’t you….and with very good reason I presume?  Hee hee!

It’s a blessing that hubby has already been in the US for three months before my daughter and I joined him.  In those 3 months, His Japanese colleagues introduced him to their favorite Asian restaurants, all of which are authentic as authentic could be in this part of the globe.  I consider going to Asian restaurants a real treat.  The food is good, servings hefty and reminds me so much of home (and what I’m missing!).

For two Sundays in a row, we found ourselves having dinner in Asian restaurants….Vietnamese last Sunday, and Korean the Sunday prior. :razz:

Korea House

My childhood favorite Korean restaurant is Korea Garden on Burgos Street in Makati.  That’s where my Mom and Dad used to take my brother and me.  Unfortunately, it’s no longer there and I’m not sure if it simply just moved to another location or closed-shop altogether.  Of late, Kaya/Kaya Express has been our favorite.  And I always order the same thing…Dolsot Bibimbap.  Haaaay.  Yum!  

Two Sundays ago, to aid hubby in recovering more quickly from a state of “unwellness”, we took a short drive from our home to Korea House (perhaps a distant relative of the Korea Garden of my childhood?).  Here’s what we had…


Tempura…and this was for Abby only.  True enough, she finished all the shrimps all on her own and was even looking for some more!  She passed on the vegetable though. :razz:

beef bulgogi

Beef Bulgogi – A visit to a Korean restaurant is incomplete if there’s no bulgogi.  That, of course, is only my personal opinion. ;)


Bibimbap – This is not what we had in mind.  Hubby missed saying the all-important word “Dolsot” when he ordered this dish, thus, the alien looking dish (to us, at least!).  What we had in mind was a steaming rice dish served in a claypot with all the trimmings in the white bowl above.  :(  It was still good anyway…cold as it should be, but good.  But we’re definitely coming back for our Dolsot Bibimbap!

korea house 005

Ahhppetizers – I haven’t had so much appetizers in a Korean restaurant!  I’m used to only having kimchi, beansprouts, spinach with garlic and pickled cucumbers.  This was like an appetizer feast!  But who’s complaining?  Definitely not me! :razz:

Kim Phung

Last Sunday, we had dinner at Kim Phung, a Vietnamese restaurant.  It was Abby’s and my first time here as there’s another Vietnamese restaurant that we visit more frequently.  We’re very predictable eaters.  We almost always order our favorite food when we go to restaurants.  I guess we’re not very adventurous that way.  As usual, we only ordered two (technically three!) dishes, a bowl each of pho (Vietnamese noodle soup dish) beef steak & beef tendon noodles for hubby and me and shrimp fried rice for Abby. 


Pho – The slices of beef steak & beef tendon are in there somewhere. :lol:

greens for garnish

Greens for Garnish – These greens are added to the noodle soup for that extra umph…cilantro, basil, sprouts, lime and chili peppers.

shrimp fried rice

Shrimp fried rice – It’s a meal in itself. I’d love it even more if the onions were thoroughly cooked.  I’m not a big fan of “live” onions. ;)  We ended up taking most of it home, but only because hubby and I are already too full.  And there’s just no way our little girl will be able to finish it all by herself. ;)



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4 Responses to “Asian Treats”

  1. Meeya says:

    i was just wondering when you were going to do your restaurant reviews hehe. anyway, there was a vietnamese noodlehouse we used to go to in charlotte, super sarap. your pho reminded me of it (huhuhu). we have not yet found “our vietnamese haunt” here, hopefully bago kami lumipat meron na hehehe!

    also, i only started eating korean food nung nag-start ako manood ng korean telenovela, hahaha!

    Hi Meeya! I didn’t know you were waiting for reviews. :razz: I would have done it sooner! :lol: Madalas kasi nakakalimutan ko. But know that I have this site, I’m less likely to forget. And now, I’m getting accustomed to taking pictures of practically everything we eat…in and out of the house. :razz: I must look so “promdi” to other diners. :lol:

    Kung di pala sa Koreanovelas e di mo maeexplore ang Korean food! Good luck on your Vietnamese resto haunt! :)


  2. thess says:

    At bakit hindi mo ako ni beam me up scotty? ubos ko lahat yan! ha ha ha!

    Stel make a killer bibimbap and I, beef bulgogi ( eh kasi naman ready made na marinade na ginagamit ko he he) pero I’d like to have the Pho right now..lamig na talaga :razz:

    and how’s your weather now?

    Hi Mother Thess! :lol: Sana nga may mga transporters tayo, no?

    Thanks for reminding me! Naalala ko ngang nabasa ko yung entry ni Stel about bibimbap. Titignan ko ang bulgogi mo…better yet, padalhan mo na lang ako! ;)

    Tapos na ang cold front dito so medyo warm na ulit. Di na kailangang mag-sweater or jacket pag dating ng tanghali. From late evening to mid-morning malamig…sarap! :)


  3. Pinky says:

    Ano ba yan, cousin, ginutom mo na naman ako! Too bad walang Korean and Vietnamese retos dito – boohoohoo! :cry:

    Our fave Korean staples are beef bulgogi and chap chae noodles – yum! Am not much of a fan of Vietnamese food.. the only thing I remember liking are their barbecued spareribs and the seafood spring roll they serve as appetizers.

    More food reviews to come – at least, kahit visually, makapag-enjoy naman ng ibang cuisine! :razz:

    Hi Pinks! I didn’t mean to make you hungry! :lol: Ikaw na lang ang magluto ng Korean and Vietnamese food! ;)

    Oh yeah, we love chap chae as well! :mrgreen: Next time, we’ll be sure to order that. ;)


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