Musashino is one of three authentic Japanese restaurants we’ve tried thus far.  And mind you, all three have earned the seal of approval of hubby’s Japanese colleagues. ;)  You know what that means!  Food should really be good if they pass the discriminating taste of they who hail from the Land of the Rising Sun. :smile:

Hubby and I have devised a fool proof gameplan to enjoy Japanese food at a more affordable price…and that is to have them for lunch on a weekday. ;)  In this part of the world, the time one takes his/her meal makes a lot of difference.  And lunch specials are called such because they are specially priced….a few dollars cheaper than if you were to take the same meal at dinner time.

Spontaneity isn’t one of my better traits as I prefer to plan ahead.  But when it comes to eating out, I seem to take on a different personality.  Cravings can do wonders you know!  Hee hee!  Last Friday, on the way home after dropping off our little girl at her school, I casually mentioned to hubby that I’m kinda missing Musashino’s chicken terriyaki. ;)  Well, it just so happened that hubby was thinking along the same lines as well.  That same day, after picking up Abby from school, we headed straight to Musashino for lunch.  Yey!

Hubby has been to Musashino countless times already.  That practically earns him the right to order whatever he wants as he has already tried out most of the food on the menu.  While there I was, only on my 2nd visit and still ended up ordering the very same thing I had the first time I was there…Chicken Terriyaki Rice Bowl. :razzz:  It was what I was craving for in the first place!

chicken terriyaki don

Chicken Terriyaki Don

The secret to enjoying donburi, and this is my own personal opinion, is to dig the chopsticks (or spoon…or fork!) deep into the rice and  mix the rice all around. That way, you get to fully enjoy the rice that has been flavored with terriyaki sauce.  The rice and sauce alone is already enjoyable in itself…as we like to say in the vernacular, “Sauce pa lang…ulam na!”  I would love this meal even more if there were one or two more strips of chicken.  I could very well do without the broccolli!  Hahaha! :razz:  Then again, with so much saucy rice in the bowl, you’re bound to finish the vegetable as well.  This meal is a little over $8.00.

hakata ramen

Hakata Ramen

noodles for long life! :D

Noodles for long life! :D  That is not a serving spoon.  It’s hubby’s soup spoon!  Hahaha! :)

Among the three of us, hubby ordered the least expensive meal, a big bowl of Hakata Ramen ($7.50)…egg noodle soup with pork stock.  In the soup were assorted veggies, some thinly sliced pork, crab sticks and sliced fish ball.  This is the perfect meal to have when the weather is chilly. ;)  I’m really the noodle soup fan.  But that day, I just had to have rice!  Hee hee!

ten don

Ten Don

It was Abby who had the most expensive meal…Ten Don ($8.95), a bowl of rice with two pieces of shrimp tempura  and a piece of kakiage.  She ate all the shrimp tempura by herself and half the kakiage.  This didn’t come as a surprise because she can eat 4 pieces of shrimp tempura in one sitting.  But it was a given that she won’t be able to finish the rice. :razz:

Musashino is packed during lunch hour and I don’t see why they shouldn’t be full during dinner time as well when they serve truly good food.  We’re just lucky to have seats readily available the two times we went there.  The place is relatively small but with ample room to move around.  The dimly lit interiors adds to the coziness of the place.  And if you’re Japanese, you wouldn’t have any trouble ordering as all of the restaurant’s staff speak Japanese.  Food is presented nicely. More than a feast for the tummy, they are a feast to the eyes as well.  For sure, this is one restaurant we’ll keep coming back to. ;)

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3 Responses to “Musashino”

  1. Meeya says:

    hayan, i am craving for japanese tuloy. ayoko yatang magluto for tonight… hmmm. :D

    the ramen looks gooood. parang ang laki ng serving? or baka nabigla lang ako ng soup spoon ni D? hahaha!

    Hi Meeya! Ano? Nagluto ka o nag-Japanese dinner? ;) The ramen does look good at malaki talaga ang serving. Match na match sa gigantic soup spoon! :lol:


  2. Leap of Faith! says:

    i was about to grab my monitor and start eating… those look soooo tempting. too bad, di uso ang japanese restos dito… bwisit!

    Hi Keith! I totally forgot to reply to the comments on this site! Hee hee! Don’t go munching on your monitor. Oh yeah, sa Bahrain pa ba kayo kumakain ng Japanese food? I can’t live without Japanese food! :lol:


  3. Pinky says:

    Ooohhh…looks absolutely delish (*drool*)! :cool:

    Going to a good Japanese resto is definitely included in the agenda during our upcoming home leave.

    I bet there’s plenty more restos to visit in your agenda. :lol: Ikain niyo na lang kami! ;)


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