Gimme Some Dimsum!

dimsum fest!

Haaaay!  :D  Dimsum that’s authentic as authentic can be!  T & S (Tan & Sy? Your guess is as good as mine!) Seafood Restaurant is officially our favorite dimsum place.  If hubby is to be believed (and he should be! ;)), they only offer dimsum on Sundays.  Now that’s something to look forward to at the end of a very long week! ;)

dimsum cart

We’ve dined at T&S twice and both times, we stuffed ourselves silly with loads of dimsum.  Three to four carts of dimsum make their way around the restaurant and I tell you, it’s so hard not to just say “Ok, we want everything!”.  There’s a cart with only fried dimsum, 2 with the steamed selections and another one for desserts.  On our first visit, they even had taho! I feel like a kid lost in a candy store whenever a cart stops by our table and we are asked to make a selection.  The cost per order ranges from $1.75 to about $3.50.  Want to see what we had on our last dimsum binge?  Here’s a feast for your eyes…

sticky rice

sticky rice made tastier by dried salted shrimps (the size of alamang)

asado pao

asado siopao otherwise known as “roasted pork bun”

shrimp and mushroom

shrimp and mushroom dumpling

 chicken feet

chicken feet…a childhood favorite!

shrimp siomai

Shrimp dumpling…obviously, we love shrimp! Well, Abby’s the shrimp monster!


Hakao – A dimsum feast is not complete without hakao.  Am I right or am I right? ;)

fried shrimp on toast

Another shrimp plate…fried shrimp on toast.

beef dumpling

shark’s fin dumpling

No matter how full we are.  We always try to make room for dessert…specially me!  There is ALWAYS room for dessert! ;)  We had a late lunch so by the time we got to dessert, the cart had but a few attractive choices left.

the dessert cart

the going on empty dessert cart

abby and her mango pudding

Abby loved her mango pudding. 

yummy dessert!

My dessert plate.  A white mouse tikoy with custard filling and egg tart with macapuno topping for hubby and me.  Abby ended up with the edible mouse. ;)

I don’t understand why anyone would make dessert look like a mouse.  I didn’t realize it was a mouse until it was served in front of me.  Eeeew!  While I was making my dessert pick, I simply pointed at what looked all too familiar…single serve  tikoy.  I wanted to ask the nice lady to take it back but nah, Abby had a blast with her, er, edible pet.

loving her dessert...and kissing it too!

See?  She even kissed it!

bite the mouse! :D

Then bit its nose off!  Eeeeew! :lol:

What can I say?  We love dimsum!  Once a week isn’t too much, don’t you think?  *sweet contented sigh*

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11 Responses to “Gimme Some Dimsum!”

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  2. Pinky says:

    We sooo love dimsum too! :mrgreen:

    Your post made me recall our own “delights of dimsums past” – yum! :razz: Nagutom na naman tuloy ako…yan tuloy, parang gusto kong maghanap ng dimsum place sa Pinas when we get home soon.

    Hi Pinks! Mabibilang lang yata ang mga taong ayaw ng dimsum! :razz: I’m sure you’ll find yourselves eating away in one of the many dimsum places in Pinas! Enjoy! :mrgreen:


  3. Leap of Faith! says:

    Oh, Weng. Yumm-o! Except for the chicken feet.

    Hon, go ako diyan!

    Hi Keith! Ayaw mo ng chicken feet? May foot fettish ka ba? :razz: Hala sige, sugod na sa ATC for dimsum or wherever your dimsum hungry tummies lead you! :razz:


  4. Jen says:

    I love dimsum, too! Magiging chekwa na nga ako kakakain niyan eh.

    Hi Jen! Nakakaaddict talaga ang dimsum! Kasi malilit tapos feeling mo konti pa lang nakakain mo. :razz: I can have dimsum several times a week! Takaw! :razz:


  5. Meeya says:

    ay na-miss ko naman ang gloria maris. :D actually, i think ok lang kainin yan ng once a week kasi steamed naman siya so its way healthier than, you know, fried food. (galing gumawa ng argumento no? haha!)

    ps. ayoko pa rin ng daga niyo, eeew, hehe.

    Hi Meeya! Sa atin ang daming choices para kainan ng dimsum…kahit saan ka mapadpad kaya ang dali masatisfy ng craving. Kahit more than once a week, ok lang! :razz: Like you….eeeeew pa rin sa daga! :razz:


  6. jeff says:

    the fried shrimp on toast looks absolutely delicious

    Hi DocJeff! :razz: Haaay, everything was delicious. Hahaha! My daughter loves shrimp that’s why almost every other dimsum we ordered had shrimp in it. Thanks for the visit! :)


  7. jeff says:

    once a week aint too much..:)

    I agree! Hahaha! :razz:


  8. Lulu says:

    I love dimsum! Gimme some! :-) Those pictures had me drooling! :-) Have a good day Weng!

    Hi Lulu! Fancy seeing you here! Hee hee! :razz: Thank you for the visit. What Asian doesn’t love dimsum? Hahaha! This entry of mine makes me hungry as well. :razz: You have a great week! ;)


  9. Lulu says:

    One more thing . . . I like chicken feet! It grosses a lot of my non-puti friends! ;-)

    High five, Lulu! We are such huge fans of chicken feet! It’s something my brother and I got from our mom. ;) I like it a little spicy! :razz:


  10. ann says:

    Wow… I am loving your blog… Abby eating a mouse.. too cute!!

    Hi Ann! Thank you for saying, “I am loving your blog.” :) That means a lot! Don’t you think that mouse thing is the grossest thing? Hee hee hee! :D


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