PH #1: Party – Party Food

This is my first Photo Hunt entry. And because this is a food blog, I’ve decided to post food photos from my Abby’s very memorable (not to her though!) 1st birthday party 3 and 1/2 years ago.

birthday cake
Abby had a circus-themed party. And this was her cake which we ordered from Dexter’s Bakeshop (Katipunan branch).

What food do you associate most with the circus? I thought so, too!..


cotton candy
…cotton candy…

ice cream
…ice cream…

…and hotdogs! Your eyes are not fooling you. Hotdogs in the Philippines are red. Hee hee hee!

These were just the kids’ tummy ticklers. There were real food for them, of course! :D Meanwhile, at the adults’ buffet table…

glazed ham
…there’s glazed ham…

lasagna, etc.
…lasagna, rainbow sandwiches and chocolate cake, among other things. :D

Well waddaya know…I just made myself really hungry! :) Abby’s 2nd and 3rd birthday celebrations were a lot more subdued practical intimate. Promise! :D

There’s more PARTY pics (non-food this time!) on my other photo hunt entry. :)

Note: All of the above photos are by our good friend, Owee Salva.

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5 Responses to “PH #1: Party – Party Food”

  1. ann says:

    Hey we have red hot dogs in North Carolina too!! All your food looked so good. I will have to come back sometime and check your blog when it is not Photo Hunter’s Day!

    Hi Ann! And I thought we in the Philippines had sole bragging rights for red hotdogs! Hahaha! ;) Thank you for dropping by and you’re welcome to stop by anytime you want. My cafe is open 24 hours a day including holidays! :D


  2. julie says:

    Of course, first birthdays are very festive. In other words, magastos. I also made a post about a first birthday party celebration. The photos are great!

    Hi Teacher Julie! :) You’re right on the money…magastos nga! (pun intended!) Hahaha! But first birthdays are always a good excuse for an over the top celebration. ;)


  3. JMom says:

    :) yep, my non-pinoy friends always marvel at how elaborate our kids’ birthday parties are. And Ann is right, we do have red hot dogs in NC. It’s just rare to see it on a stick and serratd.

    Great photos!

    Hi JMom! You can just imagine my surprise when we attended the 1st birthday party Abby was invited to here in the US. Party fare was no-nense pizza, cake and soda. Whaaaat? No chicken, spaghetti and ice cream?! Hahaha! :)


  4. Wow, that cake is really something! I think my kids would die from excitement just over that! :)

    Hi Michelle! That’s a really funny comment! Hee hee hee! :) Abby’s cakes in her succeeding birthdays were not as, well, grand. :) We’ve already moved to the US by the time she celebrated her 3rd birthday. Her cake was a really tiny one from Chuck E. Cheese’s. Thanks for the visit! :D


  5. ris says:

    wow everything looks like fun. oo nga sayang because your kid really won’t remember it. hehe. so i just took lots of pictures for her to see when she grows up. i like the birthday cake photo too. :)

    Hi Ris! Abby likes looking at her first birthday photos. Buti na lang hindi humihiling ng same kind of party. Hahaha! At buti na lang, hindi uso dito ang mga children’s parties na katulad sa atin! Gosh, I think I even miss the McDo and Jollibbee style of partying! :D Have a great week! :)


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