WS #1 – Picnic at Brushy Creek Lake Park

Two Sundays ago, 24 February to be exact, we decided to spend the afternoon at Brushy Creek Park after going to church. It was my Mom’s last weekend with us before she goes back home to the Philippines and we wanted to do something we don’t normally get to do back home. We all agreed to just buy take-out from what has now become our favorite chicken place…Church’s Chicken…my Mom’s special request. She first tasted Church’s chicken when we went to the San Antonio Botanical Garden towards the end of January. Come to think of it, that turned out to be an impromptu picnic as well!

church's chicken

Get this…we had an 11-piece legs and thighs family combo with large mashed potato, large coleslaw and 8 biscuits. To think we were only a small group of 3 adults and a 3-year old! Hee hee hee!

abby devours a drumstick

In the end, only 1 piece out of the 11 pieces of chicken plus most of the biscuits were left. I guess we were really famished. :D Believe it or not, Abby had 2 drumsticks to her name…now you do the rest of the math. Hahaha!

Have a great and richly blessed new week, y’all!

ps. I have another Weekend Snapshot entry here. :) Links to entries by other participants can be found here.

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14 Responses to “WS #1 – Picnic at Brushy Creek Lake Park”

  1. napaboaniya says:

    I’ll skip the fried chicken now, pass me the mashed potatoes please :)

    Hi Napaboaniya! Why are you skipping the fried chicken? I don’t mean to be nosy….just curious. :D But I’ll gladly pass you the mashed potatoes, which I love by the way. ;)


  2. Mitch says:

    Parang ang sarap lalo na yung skin…. Mmmmm….

    Hi Mitch! Masarap nga yung skin…but I’ve been a very good girl lately in the eat healthy department. Would you believe, I stripped all the skin from my chicken pieces. High five for me? Hee hee! :D


  3. Haydee says:

    …don’t forget the gravy please! are making me hungry. I don’t remember my last friend chicken. That one looks crispy and yummy.

    Hi Haydee! I made myself hungry, too, while I was making this post. :) I’ve always been a chicken fan…which is probably why it will take some time before I turn into a lacto-ovo vegetarian. :D


  4. I’m sure the family enjoyed that meal very much. It’s fun to spend quality time bonding with people you love. Thanks for visiting my blogs.

    Hi Rach! Thank you for dropping by! We did have a blast in the park. We were there for two consecutive days, Saturday and Sunday. :D


  5. tigerfish says:

    Fried chicken. I wish for one now, when I am having a sore throat!!

    Hi Tigerfish! Awww, I hope your throat will be better soon…then you can have your fried chicken. It’s going to be hard for you to swallow if you indulge now. :D Get well soon!


  6. Yen says:

    That looks yummy! And it’s always a great time to bond with your love ones! I’m sure you already miss your Mom! I did when she went home..sigh..Thanks for dropping by my blog too:)

    Hi Yen! We do bond a lot! Hee hee hee!. And you’re right, I already miss my Mom…I always do. Have a great week!


  7. maiylah says:

    that’s sooo yummy! :)
    happy WS

    Hi Maiylah! Chicken almost always saves our day. Hahaha! Thanks for the visit and have a great week! :D


  8. snippets says:

    love your foodie blog! :)
    what a lovely way to spend time with family after church … and such wonderful shots!

    Hi Snippets! We make it a point to do something together as a family after church and every chance we get. :D I’m glad you thought the shots are wonderful. :) Have a great week!


  9. I had fried chicken for dinner tonight. hehe…. All the drumsticks were taken by the kids. :(

    Hi Eastcoastlife! I love that we can buy chicken here in the US that’s only legs and thighs…although I’m back to preferring chicken breasts, which nobody in my family wants! :) Your kids know which chicken part is yummy! Hee hee hee! :D


  10. Meeya says:

    kami naman popeye’s fans. :) siguro we should give church’s a second chance. yung unang beses namin, yung chicken nila was so greasy and kinda maalat, kaya hindi na kami bumalik ulit, hehe!

    Hi Mee! Because of my Filipino roots, I thought KFC was the best. But when we got here, it wasn’t quite the same. And then there was Popeye’s. For a while, yun ang favorite namin until we tasted Church’s. My Mom liked it kasi daw malasa hanggang buto. :) Ako naman, hindi ko siguro napapansin yung alat kasi I strip the chicken of all balat. Sad ‘no? Hee hee hee! Happy Birhtday ulit! :D


  11. Tere says:

    wow! yummy crispy chicken! hmmmm makes me hungry at 3am hahaha

    Hi Tere! You got me hungry with your post, too! Hahaha! :D


  12. julie says:

    Sarap! But I can’t have that kind of chicken (or other deep fried food), its grilled for me and that for the rest of the family :)

    Hi Julie! I try to be a good girl as much as possible when it comes to diet and nutrition. :D And fried chicken is really considered an indulgence. Hee hee! I try to compensate by stripping all the skin off naman. Promise! :)


  13. Mmmmm, fried chicken. Can’t believe you skipped the biscuits, though! There are never enough to go around in our family.

    Hi Michelle! I find it a bit funny that you’re surprised we skipped the biscuits. :D It’s a cultural thing. Being Asians (Filipinos!) we are biggers fans of rice. Hahaha! :) Thanks for visitiing! :D


  14. Weng, like Meeya, Popeye’s rin kami dito (although kasi wala naman Church’s). KFC here is not as good as the one we have back home.

    The skin looks so crunchy and delish, though.

    Hi Keith! Ok naman ang KFC dito pero mas gusto ko sa atin. Saka dito, parang hindi nga SOP na may kasamang gravy ang chicken. And I want hot rice with my chicken! Hahaha!