WW #1: Truluck’s Chocolate Sack

truluck's signature dessert: the chocolate sack

the chocolate sack up close

shane slices the chocolate to reveal what's inside

inside the chocolate sack is a yellow cake with whipped cream and fresh berries

guess what! more chocolate! :D

tada! dessert is served!

happy me! no, i didn't eat it all! :P

My other entry is here. And there’s more Wordless Wednesday here. :)

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15 Responses to “WW #1: Truluck’s Chocolate Sack”

  1. Meeya says:

    OMG, na-speechless wednesday ako, hahaha!

    Hi Meeya! Naku, na-love at first sight ako sa dessert na yan pagpasok na pagpasok ko pa lang sa restaurant. Tapos nung binibigyan kami ng run-down nung si Shane, our server, about the desserts, huli niya pang inintroduce yan. Haaaay. :D


  2. wowww this is sooo yummy.i really like sweets but this one..look irresistible!!


    Check out mine too!

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    Hi Texas Sweetie! You are correct in saying that it’s yummy and irresistable! :) Thanks for visiting! :D


  3. Jeanine says:


    Hi Jeanine! Yummy is an understatement. :D Hee hee! Thanks for visiting! ;)


  4. chris says:

    OMG that looks so good. That’s a bad I could get excited about

    Hi Chris! Chocolate in whatever size, shape and form gets me excited! Hee hee hee! :D Thanks for dropping by!


  5. Wow! That looks amazing!!!!

    Mine’s up at


    Hi Nicole! Isn’ it such a thing of beauty?! :D Thanks for the visit!


  6. hay ang sarap naman nito!!!

    Hi Em! Oo nga, masarap talaga!!! Hahaha! :)


  7. Joy says:

    That looks deadly…in a good way. Haha.

    Hi Joy! I think this is what is commonly referred to as “death by chocolate”. Hahaha! ;) Thanks for dropping by!


  8. beeker says:

    That looks wonderful! I now want chocolate.

    Hi Beeker! Oh, I always want chocolate. But I’ve become an expert at ignoring the voices…”you want chocolate, now!”. Hahaha! ;) Thanks for dropping by!


  9. That looks sinfully delicious!

    Hi Rach! It doesn’t only look sinfully delicious. It IS sinfully delicious! Hahaha! :D Thanks for visiting!


  10. maiylah says:

    oh my goodness!!! have to agree with Rach … that looks sinfully delicious! :)
    thanks for visiting!
    take care! :)

    Hi Maiylah! Oh, you’re welcome. Take care also and belated happy birthday! ;)


  11. abby says:

    WHOAAA! chocolate overload! parang nauyam na ako, sa tingin pa lang! :D

    Hi Abby! Buti na lang meron kaming sweet potato fries sa table. ;) Inuwi namin ang kalahati. Di talaga namin kinaya! :D


  12. iris says:

    wow that looks like a million calories on a plate but who cares, it’s chocolate! haha.

    Hi Iris! Now you just made me feel bad because I had a quarter of a million worth of calories from that cake alone! Hahaha! :D When confronted with a dessert like that, I just shrug my shoulders and say, “I don’t care!” ;)


  13. Weng, I hope you did not finish the whole thing alone. It looks so sinfully good.

    Hi Keith! I may love my chocolates but I haven’t lost my mind enough yet to finish that entire platter of chocolate heaven. Half of it was brought home. I think all in all, it took us a total of 3 days to finish this dessert. :D


  14. Mmmmmm, that looks absolutely delish! I LOVE chocolate!

    Hi Pinkaholic Mom! Sometimes I wish I didn’t love chocolate all that much…but nah! Hahaha! High five, fellow chocolate lover! :D


  15. […] It’s funny how my heart seems to race just by looking at these pictures and remember how heavenly this tasted.  The “sack” is Hershey’s milk chocolate and inside, it is filled with yellow sponge cake, lots of blueberries, lots of strawberries, and cream cheese frosting.  It is one of the best desserts I’ve ever had in a long time.  I featured it in one of my Wordless Wednesday entries. […]