Cold Stone Creamery

In spite the fact that Austin has once again been thrown into Winter weather the past 4 days, hubby thought it would be nice to have ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery earlier this evening. He so desperately wanted to get rid of the taste left by the “falafel” he had for dinner (more about this on a separate entry), and that makes two of us.

Cold Stone boasts of highest quality ingredients and ice cream that is made fresh in-store everyday. One can customize a creation by first choosing from a wide array of unique ice cream flavors and then choosing 1 mix-in, which includes nuts, chocolate chips, gummy bears, crushed cookies, and almost every possible mix-in possible. After the choices have been made, the ice cream and mix-in of choice are prepared and mixed together on a frozen granite stone, a Cold Stone signature process. Of course, CSC also has a variety of delightfully sinful special creations to choose from. Those on “health watch” need not fret. CSC has sorbets, light and fat-free ice cream flavors available. CSC also has shakes and smoothies on their menu board as well as ready and custom made ice cream cakes.

green apple gummy ice cream
Guess whose creation this is! :D This is Abby’s. It’s a flavor only a kid like her would love. Hahaha! Yes, it is creamy but a little too sour for me. Hubby swears he can taste a hint of jello. Abby finished her ice cream save for a few pieces of gummy bears.

ghirardelli chocolate
Hubby’s creation is a Ghirardelli chocolate (being offered for a limited time only) and cookie dough combo….a very rich indulgence indeed!

cake batter with white chocolate chips
As for me, my personal creation was a combination of cake batter ice cream and white chocolate chips. It did taste like cake batter, which may not appeal to a lot of people. Who eats unbaked cake anyway? Hee hee hee! But it’s a flavor that grows on you. Promise! ;)

After every last drop of ice cream has been spooned, and before making a quick dash to the car, Abby just had to do this for the camera…

green-tongued abby

…green-tongued and proud. :D

Have a great weekend, y’all! ;)

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2 Responses to “Cold Stone Creamery”

  1. Yum. I saw Cold Stone being featured in Oprah. It started as a small family business, which nobody bothered to go to and taste until it was featured in a leading newspaper. After that, business thrived and the rest is history.

    There is a similar store in Bahrain called Marble Slab. Same concept and yummy ice cream, of course.

    Hi Keith! We haven’t given Marble Slab a try yet but I do believe there’s one close by. Sa Greenbelt, there’s a similar ice cream place, the name of which escapes me right now. Cold Mountain yata…basta may mountain sa pangalan! :D


  2. Meeya says:

    basta ice cream, game kami ni ninna. cold stone and marble slab are two of our faves, basically kasi you can create the perfect ice cream with only the flavors that you like.

    there’s another ice cream shop that ninna and i both love (tumatakas kami pag wala si allan sa bahay, hehe!) it’s called maggie moo’s. :) ganun din, they mix flavors. at mas mura, hehe.

    Hi Meeya! Maggie Moo’s…parang pangalan pa lang, masarap na ang ice cream. At mas mura ba kamo? Pag bumibili kami ng ice cream, naku, pinipilit kong huwag mag convert dahil hindi kami makakain ng ice cream. Hahaha! :D


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