PH #2: Different – Truluck’s Shrimp Cocktail

This week’s photo hunt theme is “Different”. Different means distinct, unusual, special. But you knew that already. :) With these definitions in mind, I may just have the appropriate food pics. Yey! ;)

This is Truluck’s shrimp cocktail…

truluck's shrimp coctail

What’s so unique about that? Well, you can’t see it now because I failed to catch it on camera when this appetizer was served. :D By the time I was able to dig my camera out of its bag, the “thing” that made all the difference went pffft. Shane, our server, must have noticed my slight disappointment. And so, he got a small pot and poured a small amount of water in one of the openings that you see around the stainless serving bowl. And just like magic…


Tadaaaah! Now that’s quite a unique/distinct/special way of presenting food, don’t you agree? ;)

Have a great weekend, y’all. By the way, I have another entry here. It’s quite a silly but unique pen. :D And there are more photo hunters here.

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9 Responses to “PH #2: Different – Truluck’s Shrimp Cocktail”

  1. What a cool way of serving food!

    Hi Rach! I couldn’t agree more. :D


  2. Wow! That’s an exciting way to present shrimp :) Love it!

    Hi Sandy! I’m glad our server brought the smoke effect back to life! Hahaha! Glad you loved it. :D


  3. ann says:

    Hello… yes that smoky effect was different… those shrimp looked delicious… Good Post!

    Hi Ann! The shrimps were fantastic specially with the spicy sauce. Thanks for the visit!


  4. napaboaniya says:

    Very interesting way of serving food :P My kids will be pretty thrilled watching the smoke effects!!

    Hi Elaine! The smoky effect doesn’t really last very long. But I agree, your kids will be thrilled! ;)


  5. PowersTwinB says:

    How wonderful that the waiter came back and presented that awesome looking shrimp cocktail to be so different from normal! Cool for this weeks theme! My hunt is up, please come and visit

    Hi PowerTwinB! Isn’t our waiter the sweetest?…and may I say cute, too?! Hahaha! :) I’m glad he gave me another opportunity to take a pic of this fabulous presentation. :D Hee hee!


  6. BunGirl says:

    How fun! I love unusual food presentations. If there’s anything on the menu that comes en flambe, you can expect me to order it! This is a truly unique one though…

    Hi BunGirl! Part of the magic of food is in how it is presented. It’s an art form in itself. :) Thanks for the visit!


  7. That is really unique. It looks delicious too.

    Hi Keith! Is it obvious that we’re such shrimp lovers?! Hahaha! Delicious is right..and unique, too! :D


  8. Meeya says:

    holy smoke! :D at ang bait din ni waiter at binuhay ang namayapang usok just for you. :)

    Hi Meeya! Ang bait nga ni waiter…nadagdagan pa tuloy ang pagkapogi niya. ;) Nyahahaha! Say mo, ako lang ang promding kumukuha ng picture ng mga pagkain. Hay, the blogger life. Hahaha! :D


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