WS #2: Rome’s Pizza

This past weekend, we had dinner at Rome’s Pizza. It was only last week when we tasted their pizza for the first, when, under a lazy spell, we decided to just order for pick-up and eat in. That time, we ordered the medium-sized Shrimp Scampi Pizza. It was just wonderful! And the cheese…oohlala! We also ordered their Italian wings…zesty, yummy, finger-lickin’ goodness. :D

the menu

Back to this weekend… It has been our routine, for as long as I can remember, that we eat out during weekends. ;) Moreso now because weekends are my day off, which means, the kitchen is only open for a limited time. Hahaha! And because we were very much pleased with our late-lunch in bed last week, not to its proimity to where we live, Rome’s Pizza was the instant choice.

pepperoni and cheese 
Pepperoni and Cheese

abby and her pizza
happy with her order

From the kiddie choices on the menu, we ordered the Pepperoni and Cheese Pizza for Abby…her personal choice. Her order comes with a drink, too.

vegetarian deluxe pizza
Vegetarian Deluxe Pizza

have a slice!
sticky sticky cheese…yummeeee!

Hubby and I decided on a small Vegetarian Deluxe Pizza, small because we wanted to sample another food from the menu. Our pizza’s toppings included mozzarella cheese, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, and red onions (something both hubby and I aren’t fond of). It was the first time we ever ordered vegetarian pizza and I have to say, we’re glad we tried it! It’s something I can order again and again, but next only to the Shrimp and Scampi, of course! ;)


This was the other food we ordered, the Falafel. For the record, it was hubby’s choice. I was “hoping” for pasta. Hahaha! But I gave in, being the “dutiful” wife that I am. :P From the food’s description on the menu, I already had a bit of reservation for what was in store for us: A famous Middle Eastern veggie burger wrapped in pita, made with ground chick peas, parsley, onions and spices, deep fried until brown. Served with tzatziki, tahini, tomatoes and lettuce. But we were on a mission to try something new and eat healthy as much as we possibly can. So there. :)

After hubby and I took our first bite, we looked at each other and ended up giggling. I couldn’t take another bite even if my life depended on it. Hubby did finish his half, out of pride maybe. Hahaha! But raised his hands in surrender when I offered him the rest of my half. :D We didn’t like it primarily because our taste buds aren’t quite trained for this meditteranean specialty. Plus, we are not big fans of fresh (read: uncooked) red onions. And the Falafel was a little too tough to bite.

That being said, we still remain big fans of Rome’s. Theirs is the best tasting pizza we’ve tasted here in Austin thus far. It’s gourmet pizza and not the typical cardboard tasting kind that can be bought practically anywhere. ;)

I have another Weekend Snapshot entry in Mapped Memories. And there are many more WS participants here.

Have a great new week, y’all and great meals to go with it! :D

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9 Responses to “WS #2: Rome’s Pizza”

  1. BlurMommy says:

    Pizza looks yummy! My little girl loves pepperoni pizza too! :)

    Hi BlurMommy! Pizza is very easy to love. Hahaha! :) Thanks for the visit!


  2. maiylah says:

    that looks yummy! whenever we order (pizza) I always insist on the vegetarian pizza; sometimes I get away with it, but sometimes I don’t. LOL

    Hi Maiylah! This was the first time we ever ordered vegetarian pizza. And it looks like we’ll be doing it again and again! :) Thanks for dropping by! :)


  3. jennyr says:

    ok…. 5 pictures of food in a row really makes my tummy rumbly!hehehe! mine’s up toO!

    Hi JennyR! Hahaha, I try to keep up with the “star” of my site, Food! :) I hope you managed to settle down your tummy’s rumblings. :D Thanks for the visit! :)


  4. abby says:

    but… but i love falafels! i usually get the ones from street cart vendors around the office for lunch. though the one i get looks more like a closed pita bread, and no onions, dahil di ko din masyado type yung fresh onions, hehe.

    like you, i also take time off from the kitchen starting on friday night, i just don’t have the energy to do anything at that point! :)

    Hi Abby! Dondi and I are actually adventurous when it comes to food. We’re not afraid to try anything. I happen to love gyros and shawarmas pero laging walang fresh onions. Pero itong falafel, ewan ko ba! Hahaha! :D Baka we can give it a try again…in New York! ;)


  5. Yummy! It all looks so good. We’ve started eating out on Friday nights trying different places that we haven’t tried before. I’ve never had Rome’s Pizza, we’ll have to try it sometime. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week!

    Hi Kat! Are you based in Texas? I believe there are only 4 Rome’s Pizza outlets and they are all in Texas: one in Austin, two in San Antonio and another one that I forgot where. It’s fun trying out new places to eat, isn’t it?! Have a great week, too! :)


  6. oh i love pizza and veggies.
    thanks for the cue.
    i must try it.

    Morning Sniffles

    Hi PMNR! It’s good that you love veggies as we all should but some just couldn’t. Hahaha! Thanks for the visit! :D


  7. Pinky says:

    Falafel? What were you thinking? ;) We’re based in the ME and we don’t even order that – hahaha! :) Anyway, am sure the yummy pizza more than made up for the falafel, right?

    Hi Pinks! You can blame your cousin for the falafel! :) Pasta ang gusto kong orderin kaso paulit-ulit niyang binabanggit yung falafel so I gave in. Hahaha! Taos puso naman ang pagsisisi niya pagkatapos. And yes, the pizza more than made up for the falafel! Eh since ubos na ang pizza namin ni Dondi by the time we got to our falafel, humingi na lang siya ng pizza ni Abby. Hahaha! :D


  8. Meeya says:

    uy na-miss ko palang mag-comment dito sa post na ito hehe. tried falafel once, ok lang. pero given a choice, hindi yun ang priority chibog ko, hehe.

    kami rin, pizza ang aming takbuhan pag may tinamad magluto. :D may NY pizzeria ba diyan? we tried it in houston and we loved it. :)

    Hi Mee! “Priority chibog”…hahaha! Buti na lang at pag nagkatamaran marami kamin puwedeng takbuhan dito…Chinese, pizza, sandwiches, saka burgers. ;) Hahanapin ko ang NY pizzeria kung meron dito. :D


  9. Hi Weng. Sorry for the late visit. It’s a few minutes before lunch here and your photos just made me hungrier. :) I love pizza too.

    Hi Rach! No need for apologies! Ano ka ba?! :) Ooops, I’m sorry I made you hungrier. Anyway, it’s lunch time so you won’t be hungry for long. Hahaha! Enjoy the rest of the week! :)