Japanese Nut Squares

We received a surprise gift from one of hubby’s former colleagues, Wada-san, who was in town last week from Japan. It’s a box of thin crispy cookies sprinkled with roasted nuts.

the box
This is the box the cookies came in. It was wrapped in gold paper. I love receiving presents from hubby’s Japanese friends and colleagues. Whatever the present, they always come in pretty packages. The same goes for their money envelopes which are so beautifully decorated.

thin cookie goodness
I would appreciate it very much if somebody can help me with the English translation of the Japanese writings on the box. Somebody? Pretty Please?

3 cookie flavors
The cookies came in chocolate (brown and gold wrapper), butter and cheese (both in red and gold wrapper) and peanut flavor (black and gold wrapper). And true to what’s written on the individual wrappers, they were delicate treats indeed. They are not sweet at all and one can really taste the nuts. The nuts really do take center stage and they are not mere “sprinkles” on the cookies. :)

I wonder if hubby has any more friends or colleagues from Japan coming over. :)

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6 Responses to “Japanese Nut Squares”

  1. Those look so nice and yummy, Weng. Japanese are known for making everything look so beautiful.

    I do not read or speak Japanese but I am guessing that a portion of it says “eat me now.” :)

    Hi Keith! They are yummy and the taste is very subtle…parang shy na cookies. Hee hee! I have to restrain myself from eating one too many! And I bet you’re right about part of the translation. Nice try! Hahaha! :)


  2. tigerfish says:

    I have always love those Japanese cookies (packaging included!) :D

    Hi Tigerfish! I think this is the first time we received Japanese cookies. It’s always yummy chocolates that we get. Not complaining though! ;) Thanks for the visit!


  3. Pinky says:

    The Japanese have such a thing for presentation talaga. When Papa and Mama were still based there, I sometimes feel quite reluctant to open a gift or eat a dish if only to preserve its exquisite presentation…

    Baka Rina can still help you with the translation (though baka her Nihongo is quite rusty na at this time – hehehe!)… :lol:

    Hi Pinks! I feel the same way about opening packages from Japanese friends! Hee hee! I better ask Rina to translate the characters for me. :)


  4. Meeya says:

    hi weng, ask mo si WS misis may. :) kung hindi niya kaya i-translate, i’m sure her hubby (si tatsu) can. :D

    penge! :D

    Hi Meeya! Sige, bibisitahin ko si WS misis May. Salamat sa tip! :) Kasi naman eh, kung lumipat sana kayo sa Austin, e di ang dali kong makakapagshare ng calores! :D


  5. Joy says:

    I wonder…if we can all be friends with your hubby’s friends. Haha. My grandfather used to have lots of Korean and Japanese friends when I was a kid, and they gave all sorts of cute stuff, including food. I hoarded all of them. Hee.

    Hi Joy! You made me laugh with your suggestion. :) Unfortunately, 2 of them have already gone back to Japan and the last one will be relocating to another country. :( My only hope now are those coming to the US on business. Hahaha! I just love Japanese stuff…food specially! :D


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