TLT (Turkey, Lettuce and Tomato) Sandwich

Last Wednesday, I didn’t have time to prepare a decent lunch. I had to leave the house almost as soon as I got home after dropping Abby off at her school. It was already noon when Abby and I got back home and the only cooked food we have was rice. Hee hee. Fortunately, Abby already had her lunch before leaving school…as is always the case. I, on the other hand, wouldn’t bother cooking up a storm for myself. So I just did the most sensible thing. I made myself a sandwich. ;)


Two slices of whole wheat bread, some lettuce, tomato slices, 3 slices of turkey breast, a teeny weeny bit of vegetarian butter to moisten the bread and I had myself a healthy lunch which shouldn’t be more than 250 calories. ;) Dessert, is another story though. :P

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3 Responses to “TLT (Turkey, Lettuce and Tomato) Sandwich”

  1. Iris says:

    yum, nagutom tuloy ako. haven’t had lunch yet either and im still waiting for my mom to come home! hehe. i don’t have anything else here kasi, just leftover food, and it’s a weekend, i think i deserve homemade food :)

    Hi Iris! I hope you got the homemade food you were longing for! :)


  2. Weng, are you sure you did not buy that in Oliver’s? It looks so yummy.

    Hi Keith! Of course not! This is a certified Weng’s Wonder Wich! ;)


  3. tin says:

    yumm.. believe you me, i just thawed some turkey slices this morning for my sandwiches later! :)

    Hi Tin! I can have turkey sandwich everyday! Pero huwag naman! Hahaha! :)


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