PH #3: I Spy – Food

It’s an hour and a half before Sunday. I’m running terribly late for Photo Hunt! This week’s theme is “I Spy”. Pretty interesting, ei?! How do I relate the theme to food? ;) Let me rummage through my collection of photos…found some!! ;)

Following are masterpieces by my daughter, Abby, done at the Austin Museum of Art on 13 September 2007…

food art 1

food art 2

I spy “food prints”. Can you identify the different munchies used above?

food art 3

I spy “veggies”. If you can’t eat ’em…photocopy them instead! Hahaha! What veggies do you see? ;)

Can’t get enough of “I Spy”? There are more photo hunters here. Why not be a photo hunter yourself? I’m telling you, it’s so much fun! :)

Enjoy what’s left of the weekend! :D

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11 Responses to “PH #3: I Spy – Food”

  1. Claudia says:

    So great…I used to do these with my 2nd graders.
    I saw fruits and vegetables.

    Hi Claudia! The photocopied art is mostly veggies and fruits. You’re right! :) Thanks for the visit. ;)


  2. julie says:

    The cabbage is one vegetable we don’t usually eat. Its difficult to wash every leaf. If I don’t, hubby’s tummy will act up :(

    Hi Julie! We love cabbage and it’s different varities. Abby likes it a lot. :)


  3. Dragonstar says:

    I spy loads of fruit and veggies, and loads of fun doing those pictures.

    Hi Dragonstar! My daughter had a blast doing these art works at the museu. That’s why she ended up doing two of the food stamping art. :) Thanks for the visit!


  4. Aisha says:

    Wow! Galing! :) I like children’s artwork!

    Hi Aisha! Hubby and I have always encouraged our daughter to do art. And we’re glad she likes doing art stuff. :) Thanks for dropping by!


  5. Liz says:

    I spy cabbage and broccoli and mushroom and pepper and apple …

    Hi Liz! Good job I spying! :D Thanks for the visit. :)


  6. I see broccoli, cabbage, onion, pepper and mushroom (not sure).

    Hi Rach! Yes, that’s a mushroom that you saw. :) Good job! :D


  7. Thesserie says:

    broccoli, onion ring, bean, paprika cabbage, mushroom …

    galeng ng entry mo mommy weng!

    Hi Thess! Thanks! ;) It seems you found it all! :)


  8. tigerfish says:

    Broccoli, mushroom, lettuce/cabbage? that’s all I spotted! :O

    Hi Tigerfish! You’re right about the veggies you saw…and there’s so much more! ;) Thanks for the visit! :D


  9. ZJ says:

    Wow – this is a fun entry!! In addition to already mentioned here, I think there’s also corn, lemon and string beans???

    Hi ZJ! Congratulations! I was waiting for someone to mention the corn. :) You were the only one who did. ;) Yes, there’s a lemon, too. Some of the round stuff are cookie marks. :) Great job and thanks for dropping by! :D


  10. Ann says:

    I didn’t guess as many fruits and vegies as the others. Your daughter did good with this art. Great Idea for I spy!!

    Hi Ann! Thank you for complimenting my daughter’s art work. :D She did this about a month after her 3rd birthday. :) Credit should go to the Austin Museum of Art and to my daughter for this I Spy. Hahaha! :D Thanks for the visit!


  11. Meeya says:

    wow galing idea for the photo hunt, hehe! :)

    Hi Mee! Na-post ka na ang pics na ito dati sa aking Munchkin Mommy site. :) Pero may katagalan na kaya parang bago ulit. Hahaha! :P