WS #3: TC Noodle House

There’s a noodle house located in the same commercial complex where MT Supermarket, the Asian supermarket we go to, is. We’ve been in Austin for almost a year now (except for hubby who has been here for a year!) and we always pass by that noodle house but never gave it much thought. I think it’s because we were suspicious of the place based solely on the fact that we don’t see very many people eating there. That’s the unspoken rule of restaurant dining: don’t eat at a place where there’s very few diners. Hee hee! I don’t know what came over us but 3 weeks ago, out of extreme craving for noodles I think, we finally gave that restaurant a try. The name, by the way, is TC Noodle House. And since then, we’ve been to the restaurant 4 times! *blush*

Here are photos of the different dishes (and drink!) we’ve tried on our first and second visit…two consecutive nights on one weekend. :D

iced milk tea
Iced Milk Tea – It doesn’t rank high on presentation but it’s a very refreshing drink. The milk and tea do not overpower each other at all. This has been hubby’s and my official drink here.

crap puffs
Crab Puffs (with sweet & sour and mustard dipping sauces) – Oooh, oooh, oooh! We love this appetizer! My bad, I should have taken a photo of a cut piece. But anyway, it is crab and cheese. Big cheese fans that we are, this one was a runaway hit for the three of us. :)

stirfried noodles with seafood
Stir-fried Noodles with Seafood – This was hubby’s. Nothing spectacular about it. It’s a noodle dish that can be had at practically any Chinese restaurant. But don’t get me wrong, it’s good just not special.

rice noodle soup with seafood
Rice Noodle Soup with Seafood – Now this is something I’ll always come back here for. I’ve always loved noodle soup. Growing up, my favorite was and probably still is chicken noodle soup which I usually pair with steamed pork bun (siopao).

chicken with mushrooms and vegetables
I forgot the exact name of this dish. But looking at the picture, I’ll take a wild guess: Stir-fried chicken with mushrooms and vegetables. ;) What do you think? Abby loved this. She was actually the one who requested for a chicken dish.

noodles with shrimps
Noodles with Shrimps – This tastes exactly like the first stir-fried noodles we tried only this one had shrimps instead of assorted seafood. ;)

shrimp fried rice
Shrimp Fried Rice – This is a meal in itself. In the Philippines, we always order Yang-chow fried rice. Here, we always order shrimp fried rice because Abby loves shrimps. :)

Hungry yet? ;) Have a great week! I have another WS entry here. If you have time, visit the WSHQ for more of weekend snapshots. :)

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7 Responses to “WS #3: TC Noodle House”

  1. Meeya says:

    ay nakakagutom, hehe.

    i’m sure after your endorsement, marami nang kakain dun sa TC! :D

    Hi Mee! Actually, marami palang kumakain sa TC pag dinner time. Nagkakataon siguro na pag nadadaanan namin dati, slow hours nila. :D


  2. Sweeta says:

    Wow! haven’t tried that ice tea with milk. I’m a tea drinker. And the food are delicious.

    Hi Sweeta! You have to try iced milk tea. It’s very good! ;)


  3. maryt/theteach says:

    Hey thanks for visiting me at my WS post! The food looks delicious… I certainly am hungry now! Yum!

    Hi Mary! I’m glad we finally tried this restaurant because their food is good and the priced so affordably. Servings are hefty, too! Thanks for dropping by! :D


  4. Joy says:

    Everything looks great! YUMMMMMMM.

    Hi Joy! We really need to get our rice and noodle fix. Blame it on the blood that flows in our veins. ;) Hahaha!


  5. Yum. Meee! Oh, I love oriental cooking! Noodles, chicken, veggies. Oh, yeah!

    HI WT4W! I have to tell you, Asian food is the best! Well, I’m Asian so you have to understand my bias. Hahaha! ;)


  6. Pinky says:

    Ano ba yan! Nagutom na naman tuloy ako … Chinese food kasi here tastes practically the same wherever you go – same sauce base at nag-iiba-iba lang yung meat… Sad ‘no? :(

    Anyway, TC (as in take care)! Hahaha! ;)

    Hi Pinks! At least paminsan-minsan pag may craving kayo for Chinese food meron kayong mapupuntahan. Buti na nga lang dito at marami-rami naman kaming choices for authentic Asian food…Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese..and not to forget, Mang Dedoy’s for Filipino…pero magluluto na lang ako kesa magbayad for Filipino food. Hahaha! :D


  7. tigerfish says:

    I thought that looks good enough for a Chinese Restaurant located in the West. Well…I know…some in California does not have anything decent to match this!


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