WS #4: Chuy’s

Hubby and I are both fans of Mexican food. My sentimental favorite would be the old/original Tia Maria’s restaurants in Annapolis St. in Greenhills and Katipunan Avenue of my college days, before the restaurants underwent major renovations. And my second favorite would be Mexicali.

Here in Texas, our favorite Tex-Mex restaurant, at least for now, is Chuy’s. And last Saturday, we were in Tex-Mex heaven for lunch. Yey!

These chips are on-the-house and served hot…definitely not fresh out of the bag, if you know what I mean. ;) It comes with a sour cream dip and a very hot salsa. We loved the chips so much and our little red basket was emptied in a matter of a few minutes. Good thing there’s free refills. Hahaha! :)

Isn’t that salsa pretty? Don’t be fooled though, it is hot with a capital H! Whew! :D

kid's burrito
Abby had a kid’s burrito which she barely touched. I don’t know why I ever let her choose her food. She pointed to the picture of the kid’s burrito on the menu and said that’s what she wanted. So that’s what she got. My bad! There’s nothing wrong with the burrito, believe me. I guess Abby just has to be more exposed to Tex-Mex dishes. :D Or maybe, she was just too full from the chips. She did finish the ice cream that came with her meal.

chicken chalupa & chicken enchilada combo
This was my lunch. *sigh* I had a chicken chalupa and chicken enchilada combo. I eat so much chicken these days I practically cockle in my sleep already. The chicken enchilada is soft, creamy and just plain yummy. See why I can’t ever be a serious restaurant or food critic? Food will simply be yummy or not yummy to me. Hahaha! Anyway, chalupa, as I found out, is like an open-faced taco. I don’t exactly know how to eat it so I just cut through it with a knife…

…so I can have pieces this big. It’s easier to eat this way. ;) I drizzled a bit of the sour cream dipping sauce and less than a teaspoonful of the spicy salsa on top of my chalupa pieces. *sigh again* I love mexican rice so I ate it all as well. :P In the end, it was only the refried beans that was left on my plate. ;) But that’s only because I was too darned full already.

macho burrito
This was hubby’s meal. It’s called a “macho burrito”..seriously that’s how it’s called! :) It’s from the daily specials and comes with green chile rice. The burrito has a filling of pork, jack cheese and guacamole and smothered with green chile tomatillo sauce. It must be really good because hubby did a good job of cleaning up his plate. ;)

We wanted to try the flan for dessert but unfortunately (or fortunately?) they ran out already. Next time perhaps?

The trip to Chuy’s was well worth the trouble of going out of the house on a really really lazy Saturday afternoon. And I’d gladly do it again. ;)

Have a great week, y’all!

ps. As always, I have a second WS entry here. Do check out the entries of other WS participants as well. :D Cheers!

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14 Responses to “WS #4: Chuy’s”

  1. julie says:

    Wow! Those Tex-Mex food look yummy. I would definitely enjoy these meals :) Sour cream and salsa are my favorite dips. Sarap!

    Hi Julie! The food is indeed yummy! I like salsa that has a kick to it. :D I like spicy food, period. Hahaha! :)


  2. Pinky says:

    Charap, charap naman sa Chuy’s! :lol: I’m missing Mexican already and at 230 in the morning and in this part of the world – good luck to me! Waaahhh!

    Hi Pinks! Oh my, you’re still up at 2:30am?! I hope Luigi gets well soon. :) Maybe if you look hard, and I mean really hard, you might find a burrito in the dessert…somewhere? :) Good luck! Hee hee!


  3. tin says:

    now i’m craving for burrito! huhu

    Hi Tin! I hope you gave in to your craving. Hahaha! :D


  4. Yum! I’m reminded of Mexicali… I miss that resto.

    Hi Keith! Wala nga masyadong Mexican resto sa atin ‘no? I miss the Tia Maria’s of old…noong medyo “joint” pa talaga ang dating niya. Too bad nagrenovate tapos nauwi na yata sa pagsasara. :D


  5. malaya says:

    Those foods look so delicious and mouth watering. I miss eating Chimichanga and Buritos at Miggy’s here in the Philippines.
    Can we exchange links?

    Hi Malaya! I love chimichanga, too! :D I’ll add you to my links. Thanks!


  6. jenb says:

    Oh my gulay! I love tex-mex too! If I had your meal, ubos, even the refried beans for sure! :) Ang sarap sarap ng itsura. :(

    Hi Jen! Naku, ngayon pang dalawa kayong kumakain, talagang mauubos mo yun! :D Masarap nga. If you’re craving, pabilhin mo si Da Pogi! ;) Hee hee!


  7. Lynn says:

    Mexicali is my hubby’s fave too. I am not big on TexMex but I love my chips with salsa. :)

    Hi Lynn! At least if you go Mexicali with your hubby, you can eat chips and salsa. Hee hee!:D


  8. Garden Gnome says:

    Yumm! Now I’m hungry :)

    Hi GG! I hope you did something about your hunger. :D Thanks for dropping by!


  9. tipidmeals says:

    wow! that salsa looks so delectable. :-)

    Hi TipidMeals! Freshly made salsa tastes so much better than the bottled ones. Sarap! :D


  10. I love mexican food, and your pictures/posts are making me very hungry!

    Hi Jennifer! Aha, I have another lover of Mexican food here. :) I must be doing something right with my camera if the pictures are making you hungry. Hahaha! :D Thanks for the visit! :)


  11. JMom says:

    We just had a Mexican food feast last week too, and I’m already all set for more!

    Hi JMom! Don’t tell me you made the Mexican food feast yourself! I will just be green with envy. :D It’s been a while since our last Mexican food feasting. That’s why we stuffed ourself silly last week. Hahaha! ;)


  12. tigerfish says:

    I’m so hungry now!!! though I admit I’m not that a big fan of Mexican food.
    The salsa really looks mild. Looks can really be deceiving.

    Hi Tigerfish! The salsa does look mild, huh?! It’s really hot. I had to pause every now and then to let the burning I felt in my mouth subside a little. Hee hee! I had to take sips of water..make that gulps of water…every now and then. :D


  13. Jean Chia says:

    wow! im drooling over yr food!! it looks yummy~licious. if u dont mind, i’ve added u in my blogroll! I love food!!! :D

    Jean –

    Hi Jean! Thanks for visiting and for adding me to your blogroll. :D Cheers!


  14. Meeya says:

    you should try pappasitos, too! :) convert ako ni marj diyan. grabe, nagutom ako hehe! i’ll go for tex-mex anytime over flo-cuban, hehe.

    Hi Meeya! We’ve always wanted to try Pappasitos. I’m telling you…it’s gonna be the next resto in our agenda. :D Flo-cuban…hahaha. Flo-cube yata dapat. Joke! :D