WW #4: Funnel Cake

funnel cake

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22 Responses to “WW #4: Funnel Cake”

  1. wowwwwwwww that’s yummy! can i have some?

    happy WW!

    Hi SunshineForLife! Be my guest…help yourself! Hee hee! :D Thanks for the visit! :)


  2. It looks too tempting! *takes a bite*

    Hi ECL! I hope you enjoyed the piece you got. Hahaha! :D


  3. Bahchi says:

    Yummy! Happy WW!

    Hi Bahchi! Thanks for visiting! :)


  4. I totally burnt myself out on funnel cakes. I can’t even look at them without getting flashbacks… bad ones. but enjoy.

    Happy WW!

    Hi D.! Awwww, I’m so sorry to hear that. :) Thanks for dropping by!


  5. Pamela says:

    reminds me of the carnival.

    Hi Pamela! I’ve only had a funnel cake two times and both were in theme parks. :)


  6. tigerfish says:

    What is a funnel cake? It looks like fried battered ginger to me!

    Hi Tigerfish! You’re right, it’s fried batter! Funny I never saw it as something resembling ginger. But now that you mentioned it… :D


  7. Ooh thaqt looks tasty! Happy WW

    Hi Jams! Thanks for the visit! :D


  8. maiylah says:

    oh my … that looks yummy!

    Hi Maiylah! It’s ok tasting. :D There might be something out there that’s really really yummy. :D


  9. mharia says:

    that looks interestingly yummy! haven’t tried them, but am willing to try! ;)
    happy WW!

    Hi Mharia! I hope you get to try it when you get the chance. :)


  10. malaya says:

    Hmmm…you really have good taste for food. You’re on my blogroll now. thanks!

    Hi Malaya! Thanks for the compliment and for adding me to your blogroll. I added you to mine as well. :D


  11. shannymar says:

    How dare you temp me with such a delicious looking picture? I’m drooling over here!

    Hi Shannymar! Hahaha! :) So, did you give in to the temptation? :D Wipe off that drool! :)


  12. Lori says:

    Mmmmm….yummy! When’s the party?

    Hi Lori! Sorry, no party. Hahaha! This funnel cake actually goes with the turkey leg I posted about two weeks ago. Hee hee! :D


  13. Wow, I wonder why in the world I am suddenly wishing the fair was in town?
    Great picture, rather tasty.
    Ignore the drool on the monitor.

    Hope you have a wonderful week, until the next WW, may your days be filled with happiness. Pop by The Cafe if interested in my WW entry for 3/26/08.

    Hi Penelope! How can i possibly ignore the drool on the monitor?! Hahaha! :D Thanks for the visit! :D


  14. GreenBucks says:

    Pardon my ignorance, I have to Google what a funnel cake is :D

    Bet that is tasty, Weng. Have a great week!

    Hi GreenBucks! :) I’m not a funnel cake expert myself. :) The first time I ever had a funnel cake was in 2003….in Disneyland! It took four years to get to this one. Hahhaa! :) Enjoy the coming weekend!


  15. sweetiepie says:

    Wow that looks so yummy and tasty! Happy WW!

    Hi Sweetiepie! Thanks for visiting. :)


  16. Shabem says:

    That looks delish. Happy WW!

    Hi Shabem! Thanks for dropping by! :)


  17. shannon says:

    One of my kids was begging me to make funnel cake just today. That looks so good that maybe I will. Happy WW!

    Hi Shannon! Awww, I hope you gave in to the kids’ request. :) Thanks for visiting!


  18. DELICIOUS!! I haven’t had a funnel cake in a long time!

    Hi Kat! I’ve only had funnel cake twice and there’s a four year gap between those two instances! :)


  19. Meeya says:

    favorite namin yan!!! yum! :D

    Hi Meeya! Hmmm, hindi ko pa masasabing favorite siya. Hahaha! Baka makailang tikim pa. :P


  20. dkaye says:

    funnel cake! that’s a spring/summer staple. i can feel the pounds packing on now. haha.

    happy ww.

    Hi DKaye! Oooh, watch out for the onslaught of unwanted pounds! Hahaha! :D


  21. Weng, I’ve always been curious as to how that taste. What is it made of? It looks so yummy.

    Hi Keith! According to Wiki: “Funnel cakes are made by pouring batter through a funnel into hot oil in a circular pattern and deep frying it until golden-brown. They are often served with powdered sugar, jam, or other toppings.” I think it’s safe to say that it taste a little like bitcho. :D Hee hee!


  22. tin says:

    hmm, they really look yummy, weng! patikim! :)

    Hi Tin! Gusto mo ibili kita pagbalik namin sa Sea World? Hehehe! :D