PH #5: High – Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake

This is Cheesecake Factory’s Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake…

godiva chocolate cheesecake

godiva chocolate cheesecake

And here’s the exact description from the menu: Layers of Flourless Godiva Chocolate Cake, Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake and Chocolate Mousse

*sigh* This is one of ’em heaven on earth. It is high in chocolate, high in sugar and high in calories. It’s priced higher than your ordinary chocolate cheesecake, too! And man, if you finish an entire slice, you’ll be so high you might even forget your name. Hee hee. ;)

I have another entry here. Have a great weekend, y’all! :D

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13 Responses to “PH #5: High – Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake”

  1. I’m not too much a chocolate fanatic but I’m sure Pinky will love this… I’ll try to order this the next time we go to the mall.

    Hi Keith! You’ll earn major pogi points again from Pinky when you do that! ;) You might even get a prize. :D


  2. Pinky says:

    High naku talaga! :lol: Uy, saw your comment, Keith ha! Promise yan, okay? Am looking forward to it – yum!

    Hi Pinks! Let me know if Keith does buy you this choco-high of a dessert. ;)


  3. Jeanny says:

    Hi.bloghopping. :)

    The cake is so heavenly. :)

    Hi Jeanny! Thanks for dropping by! :D


  4. deb says:

    Now this is more my style lol!
    Looks sinful :)

    Hi Deb! This is my kind of high as well! Hahaha! It’s sinful in more ways than one. ;)


  5. Rebecca says:


    Hi Rebecca! Thanks for visiting! :D


  6. julie says:

    Oh, I love cheesecake. There is this cheesecake from Chicago that is being sold at a nearby supermarket, I hope its authentic, haven’t bought yet, mahal! Twice I ate cheesecake hand carried from the US. I’m gonna have to content myself with the left over fruit salad in the fridge. At 11:23pm. I’m getting a serving now. Ta-ta! :D

    Hi Julie! You should give that Chicago cheesecake a try as a treat to yourself. ;) Let me know how it is ha! :D I hope you enjoyed your late night fruit salad. Hahaha! :)


  7. Jeric says:

    Try the Godiva spread, they have 2 flavors one is dark chocolate and the other is glorious praline! By the way, what’s the base of this cheesecake?

    Hi Jer! Thanks for the heads up on the Godiva spread. I’ll keep that in mind the next time I crave chocolate. The base of this cheesecake? Good question….hmmmm, chocolate? Nyahahaha! :P


  8. Meeya says:

    i tried it once pero i found it too rich, hehe. pero hindi naman ako choco snob, kung ililibre mo ako, hindi ako tatanggi, hehe! whenever we go to the factory, ang aking auto-order ay yung snickers cheesecake nila. *wink* :)

    Hi Meeya! I made a mental note of that snickers cheesecake. That’s what I’ll buy for you when I treat you at TCF. ;)


  9. Ann says:

    Ooooooh that looks so yummy!!!!! Excellent for today’s theme!

    Hi Ann! I’m happy that everyone seems to appreciate this photo hunt entry of mine. Hee hee. Thanks!


  10. Wow, that is certainly a source of natural high. Yummy!

    Hi Rach! You got that right! Just by looking at it, I get high already. Hee hee! :D


  11. bluep says:

    hey there sweet tooth LOl

    naku your cake is really tempting. I’m stayingaway from too much sweets because I dont want to have diabetes. buti na lang picture lang to kngdi yari na sa akin yan. Naglalaway ako Mommy M sa entry mo.

    Hi BlueP! Fancy seeing you here! :D Ako rin naman I try to stay away from sweets…pero more often than not, hanggang try lang. Hahaha! It’s in my genes. We simply love sweets in my family. :) I’m glad you enjoyed your first visit here. Pag nagutom ka, balika ka lang dito. Hahaha! ;)


  12. tin says:

    love ko ang cheesecake factory!! ayan, na miss ko tuloy. :(

    Hi Tin! We’ve only been to TCF two times. At first, I was trying to look for a way to taste all of TCF’s cheesecakes…you know, take out a slice every week or so. But I have yet to act upon it. Hahaha! Summer here is just around the corner and I so want to be swimsuit worthy. Yeah, right!


  13. jenb says:

    This is my favorite at Cheesecake Factory. I remember the last time I was in the US, I asked DA POGI to buy me a slice and I was rationing the slice to *supposedly* last me a week. It lasted me 3 sittings (I will not tell you how many days the 3 sittings were!)

    Hi Jen! Yey, someone who shares my lust for chocolate. Hahaha! Oh my, I don’t know how you planned on making one slice last for a week. Hahaha! That’s definitely not gonna happen to me. Two days max! :D