WS #5: TGI Friday’s

Yesterday, we had lunch at TGI Friday’s after going to church. We’ve been in the US for almost a year now and yet, this was only our first visit to TGIF. It maybe largely due to the fact that in the Philippines, our last few visits to this restaurant didn’t quite have as saying, “Thank God we ate at Friday’s!” Since we’re in the US anyway, we thought the TGIFs here should be a lot better than the ones at home (I’m not even sure if we still have TGIF over there!)

side salad

Abby ordered chicken fingers from the kid’s menu and chose a side salad over three other choices (fries, carrots & ranch dressing and mandarin oranges). She managed to eat a chicken finger and a half out of three and a few lettuce leaves. She didn’t drink a lot of her lemonade because she said it was too….sour. *rolls my eyes* Sorry, no chicken fingers pics! Abby was too hungry and coudln’t be made to wait any longer. :P

half rack baby back ribs

Hubby ordered half a rack of baby back ribs, which he said was ok. You see, hubby and I have our restaurant biases already. And for ribs, it’s The County Line which tops our list. The TGIF half-rack’s serving size is good for one person and for once, we didn’t have any ribs to take home!

grilled chicken primavera

I had the grilled chicken primavera, another one of the restaurant’s dishes which was available in “solo size”. :) It’s another ok dish, and for some reason, my mind constantly wandered off to “The Olive Garden” while I twirled pasta around my fork. (I love you, Olive Garden!)

And because the food we ordered all came in wonderful solo servings, we had plenty of room to spare for dessert, which turned out to be our lunch’s saving grace. We had…

strawberry with melted chocolate

…strawberry with melted chocolate. :D Oh, that’s not all!

vanilla bean cheesecake

At the other end of the dessert plate is a slice of immaculatey white….

vanilla bean cheesecake

Vanilla Bean Cheesecake. ;) *sighs* This slice of heaven made up for whatever our main courses lacked…presentation and over-all good taste. *sighs again* According to the TGIF menu it is “made with real vanilla beans, baked in a vanilla graham-cracker crust. Layered with white chocolate mousse and white chocolate shavings. Served with whipped cream and a fresh strawberry.” Abby isn’t so big on cakes. But she liked this one so much she forgot all about her 2 humongous scoops of vanilla ice cream. Poor Daddy! He ended up with the ice cream instead.

By the time we were through with dessert, the plate looked like this…

where'd everything go?

Hee hee hee! ;) Abby ate it all. Kidding. :D If only for the vanilla bean cheesecake, we’re definitely going back to TGIF…but only for dessert. :D Thank you, God for that slice of heaven…and the rest of our meal, too!

I have another weekend snapshot here.

Have a great week, y’all! :D

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13 Responses to “WS #5: TGI Friday’s”

  1. Haydee says:

    oh la la!! you are making me hungry!!! and i just got out from my workout…whew!!! be still my heart…hehe

    Hi Haydee! Did I just tempt you to let your workout go to waste? I certainly hope not. ;) Hee hee!


  2. julie says:

    Yummy! Had a yummy lunch last Sunday but it was a work-related luncheon meeting :)

    My WS:
    Pro Tour Golf

    Burgoo Lunch

    Hi Julie! You’re working too hard! Work related meeting on a Sunday? Tsk, tsk, tsk. :D I hope it was a free good lunch! Hahaha! ;)


  3. Weng, I’m not too hot about TGIF too… and that is a big deal considering that there are just a few western style restos here in the Kingdom!

    Nahiya pa kayo at itinira niyo pa yung dahon ng strawberry :)

    Hi Keith! There was a time that TGIF was ok. Pero something went wrong along the way. Huy, the only dahon we eat are petchay, lettuce, cabbage and few others…hindi dahon ng mga prutas! Hahaha! :D


  4. Great pix! Even if the meal wasn’t so great!

    Hi Mary! Thanks for the compliment. Yes, except for the dessert, the meal was definitely far from great. :)


  5. JMom says:

    Yumm! We were at Cheesecake Factory last night, but didn’t get to the dessert :( we got too full. Didn’t take any pics either as we were starving and devoured everything before it hit the table. lol!

    Now your photos just made me wish I had taken a slice of cheesecake home.

    Hi JMom! I know what you mean. Chances are one wouldn’t really have room for dessert with the hefty servings at TCF. Just make up for the missed dessert next time. :D And about taking food pics…you know sometimes, I feel a little shy about taking pics of food in restaurants. But what the heck?! I can always say I write restaurant and food reviews in the internet. Hahaha! That might get me a free meal. ;)


  6. Meeya says:

    uy apir tayo, parang last pick namin ang tgif when it comes to casual dining. at least the dessert made the trip worth it. hehe! :)

    Hi Meeya! Napaso na naman tuloy kami sa TGIF. Buti na lang at dessert to the rescue! Hahaha! :)


  7. SandyCarlson says:

    All of this is making me very, very hungry!

    Hi Sandy! Thanks for dropping by! :)


  8. Hiro says:

    the ribs looks more like bones with a little meat…

    Hi Hiro! You are so right! Hahaha! I like beef ribs more…but that was before I, er, gave up beef. ;) Hee hee!


  9. tigerfish says:

    Back home in Singapore, I think I ever tried it once. Maybe that visit has not worth remembering at all. So, after been in the US for almost 2 years. Never had TGIF. After I moved and saw it here in Taiwan…never had it too.

    Hi Tigerfish! I guess you take first impressions pretty seriously. As for me, I sometimes here this tiny voice in my head telling me to give restaurants I wouldn’t other wise visit again, a second chance. Not good at all. Hahaha!


  10. tin says:

    i love tgif in manila.. and i love olive garden, too! their minestrone soup is to die for! ikain mo na lang ako dun next ha! hi hi hi

    Hi Tin! I loooooove Olive Garden. Hahaha! Sige, ikakain kita next that we’re there. :) Pinaplan kasi dapat ang punta dun, otherwise, we’ll wait for a long time to get a table. :D


  11. Food looks great especially the dessert. I love how it was served. Very lovely to look at and I’m sure every mouthful was delicious.

    Hi Rach! The dessert was definitely not a disppointment. If ever I go back to TGIF, it will be for this sensational dessert. :D


  12. ris says:

    the dessert looks (and sounds) heavenly. im a sucker for white chocolate pa naman :)

    and ako din, im not really a fan of TGIF, and because a lot of good restaurants have sprung up here too, ang dami na nilang competition.

    Hi Ris! It’s also white choco over milk chocolate ones for me. Hee hee! Oo nga, ang dami ng masarap kainan sa mga gimikan sa atin. Nakakamiss! :( Happy weekend! :D


  13. Oh my! Great food shots! Love it! wish I were with you guys at TGIF, too. :-) Happy WS! Be seeing you at our WS, too. Thank you!

    Hi Borski and Nai! Thanks! :)