WW #6: Edible Art

flower power

polka dots

Wordless Wednesday

I invite you to check out my “Taste Test” entry. :)

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14 Responses to “WW #6: Edible Art”

  1. tigerfish says:

    Is that a slice of bread or something? How did you do that?

    Hi Tigerfish! It’s a piece of toast. :) I used a foodwriter (marker) to do the drawings. :)


  2. ZJ says:

    Wow that’s really creative!
    I wonder if you used a special pen for that? Happy WW.

    Hi ZJ! Yes, I used the Americolor Gourmet Writer. It’s a special marker and the ink is edible. :)


  3. Very creative

    Hi UT! Thanks! :D


  4. Hootin' Anni says:

    Truly? You can eat this?

    My W W is a very short video of the sunrise over the Gulf of Mexico! Hope to see you there, visiting with me today.

    Happy Wednesday

    Hi Hootin’ Anni! Yes, these pieces of bread are edible! ;) Hee hee!


  5. julie says:

    Looks too good to be eaten :)

    Hi Julie! Thanks! Gawa ko ‘yan! Hahaha! :D


  6. Wow, galing! What is it? A giant colored kropek? Hehehe.

    Hi Keith! How did you come up with kropek?! Hahaha! These are slices of toast. :)


  7. this surely looks yummy.what is this made of?


    Check out mine too!

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    Hi Texas Sweetie! These are just your ordinary slices of toaste. I used markers with edible ink for the drawings. :)


  8. They look way too pretty to eat! Happy WW!

    Hi Stacey! My daughter thought otherwise. She couldn’t wait to take a bite! :)


  9. That is some great talent! Happy WW!

    Hi Salty Mooch! Thanks!


  10. WoW you are the coolest Mommy! LOL – Happy WW.

    Hi Pamela! Thank you! :D


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  12. Very creative! I like the nice art work you’ve put on those slices of bread.

    Hi Rach! Thank you! If you can find the Wilton FoodWriter over there, Yohan might have fun doing this. :)


  13. Argie says:

    Hmmm, something to think about! Cool!

    Hi Argie! Thanks! :)


  14. […] at the Austin Museum of Art in October last year.  I’ve featured this slice of bread in my edible art entry and I used the method behind decorating this slice of toast in last week’s photo […]