WW #6 – Edible Art (Worded Version)

This entry is specially for everyone who left a comment on my most recent Wordless Wednesday entry, Edible Art:  Tigerfish, ZJ, Urban Thought, Hootin’ Anni, Julie, Leap of Faith, My Virtual Diary, Stacey, The Salty Mooch, Pamela Kramer, Rach and Argie.  Thanks for visiting y’all! I didn’t get to bloghop last Wednesday but I promise to visit your WW entries soon! :)

I myself made these pieces of edible art sometime in October last year at the Austiin Museum of Art (AMOA). 

flower power

polka dots

Every second Saturday is Family Day at the museum and that particular Saturday, the theme was Food Art.  Actually, the art activities are for the kids.  But this looked like so much fun that I had to give it a try…not only once but twice!  Hahaha. 

abby and me

In the above photo are Abby and me hard at work. :)

abby's 1st finished project

This is Abby’s handy work, with a little help from her dad.  She was in such a hurry to finish it because she wanted so much to take a bite already!

artwork by abby and her daddy

This next piece of art, er, toast, is a collaboration between Abby and her Daddy. :D  As you can see, Abby already took a bite before I could even take a picture.

Yes, these artoworks are 100% edible.  You can do it at home with your kids!  You can use a piece of toast as your canvas.  It’s easier to draw on a piece of bread that has been toasted for a minute or so.  That way, your canvas isn’t too soft.  Any piece of bread should do.

The markers we used at the museum are of the brand Americolor Gourmet Writer.  It sells for $16.75 at Amazon.  I know, it’s not exactly cheap!  But I found the next best thing at the supermarket (HEB)…

Wilton Food Writer

This is the Wilton Food Writer.  It only costs a fraction of the Americolor ones and is also available in pastel colors.  The inks used in these pens are basically made of water and food coloring. 

So there, a fun activity that ought to keep the kids busy for a few minutes…unless you can get them to go through an entire loaf of bread.  Hee hee!  Have a great weekend y’all! :D


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  1. christine says:

    that is so cool!!! i love it how you and your hubs spend time with abbie. she’s one blessed girl :)


  2. […] at the Austin Museum of Art in October last year.  I’ve featured this slice of bread in my edible art entry and I used the method behind decorating this slice of toast in last week’s photo […]

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