WS #7: Funnel Cake with Toppings

It wasn’t too long ago when I posted a funnel cake photo. :)  That photo was taken at Sea World San Antonio.  Last week, we were back at San Antonio and you know what that means, we had another one of ’em funnel cakes.  But this time, we had it with sugar and strawberry toppings. :)

funnel cake with toppings

Why didn’t we have it like so the first time?!  Hee hee!  I guess there’s no more going back to the otherwise plain one. :D

I wish you all a great week!

I have some more Sea World photos here from last weekend.  Visit other WS participants here.


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14 Responses to “WS #7: Funnel Cake with Toppings”

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  2. tigerfish says:

    Who would not like it with heaps of strawberries like this? :P

    Hi Tigerfish! Now I don’t think I can have funnelcake any other way. Bad, bad, bad! Hahaha! :)


  3. Anna says:

    HMMMM Yummy! I could not resist this yummy looking strawberries.. Great shot and thanks for sharing..

    Mine is up:
    My Newphew’s Scrap Place
    Scrap Addict Fever

    Hi Anna! Thanks for dropping by! :)


  4. Hmmm.. those strawberries look so red, plump and juicy. What a perfect topping to your funnel cakes.

    Hi Keith! At first, I was overwhelemd with the strawberries…until I took my first bite. *sigh* :)


  5. Mar says:

    What a fabulous shot! and oh, so delicious!
    Happy WS!

    Hi Mar! Thank you and have a great week! :)


  6. ris says:

    oooh yum! i love strawberries. bakit walang ganyan dito sa pinas??

    Hi Ris! Wala ba talaga? Nag-iisip nga rin ako kung meron eh? Ang pinakamalapit na alternative is bicho-bicho! Before I left, 10 pesos ang isa nun sa mall. Lagyan mo na lang ng maraming strawberries. Yummy na rin yun! :)


  7. Meeya says:

    sa totoo lang, ok na ako sa plain pa lang. pag may strawberries, sobrang decadent nakaka-guilty na, hahaha! yum. :)

    Hi Meeya! E minsan lang naman tayo kumain niyan…pag nasa Seaworld lang kami…which is every month. Hahaha! Madalas na ba ang once a month? Hati naman kaming tatlo eh! Hahaha! :P


  8. Ah! Another thing I miss about living in Florida!

    Hi WT4W! You might have to make one yourself so you won’t have to miss it anymore…if you miss it that much! Hee hee hee! Thanks for dropping by! :)


  9. thess says:

    uy we had strawberries with creme naman sa Amsterdam last saturday..yummy ha!

    hallush tita weng :)

    Hi Thess! Tunog mas masarap ang kinain mo…”strawberries with creme”. Ang sosyal ng dating! Hahaha! :P Have a great week! :)


  10. Hi Weng. That looks very tempting! I love strawberries and I think it makes perfect topping.


  11. napaboaniya says:

    The strawberries really look pretty juicy! :) Icing sugar and strawberries look good together, I should try it soon :P


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  13. marcia v says:

    Oh my i want That soooo much YUMM


  14. Shashikate says:

    Hithere! since all of you are craving for funnel cake, I found this Heavenly Treats booth at “Market at the Hills” Corinthian Hills in Quezon City. they are selling funnel cake with chocolate dip, its really good. the markets open every saturday and sunday from 8am-2pm