WW #7: Baskin Robbins

baskin robbins

chocolate mousse royale

espresso n' creme

abby and her vanilla cone

Wordless Wednesday

I have another WW entry here. :)

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34 Responses to “WW #7: Baskin Robbins”

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  2. Nadine says:

    Yum, I haven’t had Baskin Robins in a long time!


  3. Haydee says:

    oh no!!!
    miss it so much…(drooling)


  4. Eds says:

    Oh my what a yummy ice cream! So perfect this summer! :)

    Take a look at my entries here:

    Just Me .. Eds
    * My Precious Blog *
    ~ Mommy LIfe ~


  5. tigerfish says:

    I’ll pick the chocolate royale!
    I passed by Baskin Robins here the other day – they don’t have as much flavors as the ones in US, I think :(


  6. maiylah says:

    oh my … so perfect for this summer! :)
    happy WW


  7. Lisa's Chaos says:

    She’s going to have a tummy ache if she ate all of those. :)


  8. Leonard says:

    Hmm.. yummy!

    that’s the right stuff to cool down in a hot day like this!

    Happy WW!


  9. mama meji says:

    Love the last shot with the kid. Perfect ads for BR.




  10. There’s no Baskin Robbins in Singapore after it closed down some years back. I missed it. :(


  11. mharia says:

    my … you’re making me crave for something cool! :)
    lots of yummy photos!


  12. Because I have no idea about basking robbins I was looking for a bird at first.. Great photos..



  13. June says:

    Yummy! Happy WW.


  14. Sherrie says:

    Must go eat ice cream now!!!!!!


  15. Tamy says:

    I forgot how much I missed Baskin Robbin’s until I saw this picture!


  16. maya says:

    Now, i’m craving for it. I’ve tried to erase it from my memory.How could you.my last was when i have my vacation in Dubai last Nov.
    Can i have some, please?
    Happy WW!


  17. Lilli says:

    If it wasn’t so early in the morning i would be getting me one of those that looks yummy and your little one is really enjoying it
    Thanks for the stop over


  18. That last shot is precious!


  19. julie says:

    Aw, just had my sweet mango slices a while ago and now this. Gotta get some ice cream, still have coffee crumble in the freezer :D


  20. napaboaniya says:

    Can I just take 1 teeny bite from all 3 of them? :P
    Happy WW!


  21. Meeya says:

    sarap! :D medyo malayo ang baskin robbins sa amin, buti na lang may DQ hehe! happy ww! :)


  22. toni says:

    Mmmmm sarap! Baskin Robbins was the very first “expensive” ice cream I tried, hehehe. Naloka ako sa mga flavors nang una siyang dumating dito sa Pilipinas!


  23. Dana says:

    Gotta love icecream on a warm day.. So reminds me of a summer night. I love it..

    Happy WW


  24. mandy says:

    Oh man i am soooo hungry for ice cream now…


  25. that looks good. ako naman eh fave ko pistachio, yum-o :D


  26. christine says:

    hmm ang na miss ko cold stone! ha ha..


  27. thess says:

    ang batang ito, pinapaiyak ako….sa inggit! hu hu hu

    mamaweng, may tag po ako sa inyo: http://www.thesserie.com/soldier-of-misfortune-and-ww-link-love/

    kapat type mo lang ha at bahala ka na kung saang blog mo ilalagay..salamat po!


  28. abs says:

    tagged you, if you haven’t already done it! :) (post it wherever you prefer)


  29. Anna says:

    WOW! This is yummy, Love it…Great shot.. Thanks for sharing.
    Mine is up:
    My Newphew’s Scrap Place
    Every Beat Of My Heart


  30. ApplesH says:

    Yummy! Its soo hot right now I am craving for the ice cream in your pics. Great blog! :)


  31. Pinky says:

    Just perfect on a hot summer’s day! Though I prefer Haagen Daz (did I spell it right?) over BR since I find the latter a tad sweeter. :(


  32. ashly yap says:

    baskin robbins closed down because they did not have a proper target market. they were selling premium goods but their advertisments were not good enough. their promotions were not telling who were they actually catering too, thus i think they did not have loyal customers to return.
    same think a&w did lol.


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