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It’s too late for Wordless Wednesday so I might as well put words to this entry. :D

Do you make a conscious effort to eat healthy?  I do, BUT, it’s something that really entails discipline…lots of it…and that’s where the problem lies.  Hee hee.  On a good day, this is what I have for breakfast…

strawberry flakes and soya milk 

2/3 cup of cereal and 1/2 cup of unsweeted soy milk or fat free milk. ;)  That’s around 150 calories.  I do have a cup of brewed coffee and a serving of fruit, too.  Now you do the math for total caloric intake.  :D

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7 Responses to “Healthy Breakfast”

  1. tigerfish says:

    What’s your breakfast in a bad day, then?

    Hi Tigerfish! On a bad day, I’ll have fried rice, fried eggs and sausages, coffee and something sweet for dessert. ;) Or, I’ll make pancakes with loads of chocolate chips! Yummm! :D Hee hee! :P


  2. Meeya says:

    ako naman, hindi mahilig sa fruity cereal (at namana ni ninna tuloy yun sa akin, tsk tsk) but we do love honey-flavored cereals, esp cheerios and the honey bunches of oats. yun nga lang whole milk girls kami hehe kaya ikaw na bahala sa math sa calories and fat nun. :D

    Hi Mee! Abby loves the Special K cereals, may tinge of sweetness pero hindi naman overly sweet. We used to buy the honey-flavored cereals kaya lang, alam mo naman, trying to be conscious kasi ako. hahaha! Ako naman, dati pa fat free milk ang iniinom. Kaya lang I noticed na yung fat free milk dito talagang ang labnaw, unlike the ones we have back home. :) Saka dito kasi diba, kahit mga kids ineencourage na uminom ng low fat or fat free milk? Kaya ayun nasanay na rin si Abby! :D


  3. iska says:

    chococrunch naman ang paborito ng anak ko. so i eat what he eats, too. with full cream milk. :-)

    Hi Iska! Yung mga pamangkin ko, big fans ng coco crunch! Si Abby ko, we buy her Choco Crisps (parang maliit na chocolate chip cookies) and Fruit Rings (Froot Loops ang more popular brand! Hahaha!) pero mas gusto pa rin niya yung mga cornflakes type na may fruits or almonds or chocolates. :)


  4. Pinky says:

    The boys usually have whole grain cereals and low fat milk while my “senyorita” loves oatmeal with fresh strawberries and milk. Like you, I also try to train them at eating healthy although admittedly, I don’t always walk my talk – hehehe! ;)

    Hi Pinks! I know what you mean. Hahaha! Minsan kasi, para wala ng mahabang kuwento, e, sige na lang, kahit ano na lang! Hahaha! :D


  5. julie says:

    Sarap! Mga anak ko ko, Koko Krunch or Milo cereals or Frosties with full cream milk :D

    Ako, sinangag/kanin at omelet kapag sinipag or toasted bread with cheese. With coffee please, with 1 1/2 spoons of muscovado sugar and lots of cream. Kaya ayan, mataba. Ugh.

    Hi Julie! Yung mga pamangkin ko dyan mga Koko Krunch and Milo Cereal fans din. Ang sarap naman ng favorite breakfast mo! Hahaha! You know what, I would really love danggit and sinangang! Yum! :)


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