Last night, we decided to just walk to a nearby restaurant for dinner. On our way out, we bumped into our friendly neighbor who just got out his truck, coming home from work. We knew his line of work was law enforcement but last night was the first time we ever saw him in police gear. We didn’t let him off easy and teased him about looking like a Hollywood star, from his shoulder holsters to his waistpack to the range bag he just lifted from the back of his truck.  He blushed sheepishly and uttered the word Galco, the brand of his gears.  He went on to explain that the shoulder holster he was using is actually called the Miami Classic because it’s the exact same style that Don Johnson used in Miami Vice.  How cool is that?!  He proudly announced to us that Galco continues to be a favorite choice not only among Hollywood’s hottest stars, but the different branches of law enforcement as well, federal and local.  It’s a favorite among civilians, too!  Galco uses premium saddle leather, ballistic nylon and horsehide and the company is well-known for its designs.  Our neighbor sounded even more like a celebrity endorser when he said, “it’s for those who demand the best…and know the difference.”  When we said our good-byes and as we continued our walk to the restaurant, I can’t help but whisper to hubby that I knew there was something Hollywood-like in our neighbor.  Hee hee!. :D

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  1. Weng, ka-asar ha… totoo ba na may kapit bahay kang police/hollywood star. Lagi akong naloloko ng mga entries na ganito eh.

    Hi Keith! Would I ever lie to you? :P


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