Unlimited Free Business Cards

Everybody loves freebies, secretly or shamelessly.  I sure do and make no secret about it!  I’m such a freebie junkie that if someone offered me free business cards I’d gladly take it.  UnlimitedBusinessCards.com does that exactly!  As if that wasn’t good enough, shipping is free, too!  But my friend and her husband will have better use for them, free business cards with free shipping, I mean.  They own a chain of Chinese fastfood stalls, 2 in Texas and several more on the East Coast.  And they give out business cards like hotcakes!  I’m sure they will be happy to find out that they can have an unlimited supply of business cards, which is all important in their ever growing business.  It would be so embarrassing to find out that they’ve ran out, specially when face to face with a very important person!

If you had free unlimited business cards, not to forget, free shipping, you’d be smiling like the lady in the above pic.  I know I would!  I should go tell my friend now!

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