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For a food fan like me, it would probably come as a surprise to most people to know that since mid-January, I’ve stopped eating beef and pork.  Just as easy as 1-2-3.  Crazy, huh?!  :D  But I still cook pork and beef dishes for hubby and Abby.  And one such night that I did, father and daughter bought me something from the supermarket (in addition to the real reason/s for their supermarket trip)…


…SUSHI!  How sweet of hubby and Abby!  It was made in-store at H-E-B, our favorite supermarket.  Believe me, it actually tastes good and costs so much less than if one were to buy it from a Japanese restaurant.  Come to think of it, we seldom order sushi at Japanese restaurants because of the outrageous prices!  Hahaha!  The price for sushi platters at H-E-B start at 4.99 (maybe even less!).  Not bad, ei?  I wouldn’t mind having this for dinner a couple of nights a week.  But that’s pushing it a little too far.  Hahaha! :)

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  1. That is so sweet of Dondi and Abby… Pinky and I are trying to cut down on beef as well… pork obviously is a no-no here. By the way, the sushi looks so good.

    Hi Keith! Yes, Dondi and Abby are so sweet. :) If it’s any consolation, you were able to survive without pork…so it shouldn’t be to hard to forego of beef, at least little by little. :) Sarap nga ng sushi! :)


  2. Pinky says:

    Kudos to you for even having the energy to cook separate pork/beef dishes for Dondi and Abby! With us here, whatever I cook, they SHOULD eat – hahaha! :lol:

    As Keith said, though, we are also cutting down on beef (and pork – on the rare times this becomes available to us) and are trying to stick to seafood, veggies and chicken.

    The sushi indeed looks yummy! We used to take out sushi a lot too when we visited Ma and Pa there before – it does come out cheaper than when taken out from a Jap resto. Another “wais na misis” moment if you ask me. ;)

    Hi Pinky! When I cook beef or pork for Abby, I don’t cook a separate ulam for me. :D I just make myself a sandwich or rummage through the fridge for something I can eat. Hahaha.

    I just love sushi! I can’t say that enough. Buti na nga lang at meron sa supermarket. Kailangan talagang maging wais sa panahon ngayon! :D


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