Gift Idea for Mother’s Day

Have you thought about what to give to your favorite Moms, (specially your own, your wife, grandama and daughters!) on Mother’s Day?  It’s two weeks before THE day and I too, have yet to make a decision on a specific gift to give.  But I am seriously considering Photo Cards. We sent everyone photo cards last Christmas and it was a certified hit.  And besides, photo cards are much more personal than your ordinary greeting cards. 

Come to think of it, Photo Cards , are actually very versatile.  A person doesn’t need to wait for the next holiday, event or occassion to send one.  It’s a pretty cool and impressive way to simply say hi, get well, that you’re thinking of that someone special, that you like someone and to say sorry, too!.  And the sender has full control of what goes on the front and inside the card…from the photos to the verses.  I’m sure we all have a favorite photo of our children, pets, even ourselves, that we’re proud of and are just too willing to show off. ;)  The possibilities and options are just endless…color, black and white, sepia.  

Businesses, too, can make use of photo cards as a special marketing tool and for general use.  They can use their logo, a photo of the company’s staff or their products. 

Photo Cards might just do the trick for me come Mother’s Day. ;)


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