WW #9: Goodies from the Philippines


Spanish sardines

Dried Mangoes

Choc-Nut!  My favorite! – peanut milk chocolate


crispy garlic chips


peanuts with crispy garlic chips


Heaven on my kitchen table ;)

These are all gifts from relatives who came to visit us last week. *happy, contented sigh*

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14 Responses to “WW #9: Goodies from the Philippines”

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  2. jennyL says:

    awww, i know a lot of Pinoys abroad loved these, uy love ko yung dried mangoes.

    Hi Jenny! Dried mangoes are a favorite pasalubong talaga for some reason. Hahaha! :)


  3. tigerfish says:

    Dried mangoes are always my fav. And the Philippines dried mangoes are so good!

    Hi Tigerfish! Not only at the Philippine dried mangoes so good, they’re the best! Hahaha! :D


  4. Pinky says:

    Gimme some of those yummy garlic chips (*drool*) ! :lol:

    Hi Pinks! By all means, help yourself. Hahaha! And wipe that drool on your chin. :P


  5. janese says:



    Hi Janese! Masarap nga pero tinitipid namin! Hahaha! :D


  6. HOOTIN' ANNI says:

    Dried mangoes and garlic chips….I’d choose those.

    My W W is a seedy character…drop by if you can willya? Happy day to you………..

    Hi Hottin’ Anni! Good choices! I love dried mangos…and fresh ones, too! :)


  7. Great goodies. I love Choc-nut too!

    Hi Rach! There’s one other brand of choco-peanut…Hany. Sarap, slightly bigger than Choc-Nut and slightly cheaper, too. Well, noon yun. Ewan ko ngayon. Hahaha! :)


  8. Meeya says:

    nakakatawa, puro wow! :D alam mo ba yung next ww ko na naka-queue puro pinoy food din, haha! kita mo next week. *wink*

    MyMemes: Butt Kicked
    MyFinds: Slightly Guiltless

    Hi Mee! Oo nga eh, ngayon ko lang din nakita ang brand na Wow. Hahaha! Katuwa ka naman at nakaqueu na ang next WW entry mo! :D


  9. julie says:

    Love these goodies but the crispy garlic chips looks new to me, haha. Hmmm… where can I get that? I love lots of garlic with peanuts one time the tindera told me, “Mam, magprito na lang kayo ng bawang nyo” :D Where’s the alamang?

    Hi Julie! You know what I would really love? The bottled taba ng talangka. Haaaay! :) Solve na solve na ako dun. The garlic chips is also new to me. Hahaha! :)


  10. bela says:

    every time i visit my friends abroad, I always run out of ideas of what to bring for them. thanks for sharing this. now I have more ideas of what to give my friends as my “pasalubong” from the philippines.

    mine is up. hope you can check it out too:


    Happy WW!

    Hi Bela! I think whatever goodies from the Philippines you bring to your friends for pasalubong, they wil be truly happy. In our case, anything from home is like heaven! :)


  11. Expat Mom says:

    Isn´t it great to enjoy food from home? I love it when my family sends me Canadian goodies!


  12. PatriciaJ says:

    It all looks good,except for the sardines. Nope, nada, no way.

    Hi Patricia! Lol on “nope, nada, no way”. :D Thanks for visiting. I couldn’t leave a comment on your site. I don’t know why. Will try again later. :)


  13. Tink *~*~* says:

    I know how you feel about food from “back home”. I can’t get a decent pizza in Florida to save my life. Every time I go back to NY on business or to see my family, the first thing I have to do is go for REAL Noo Yawk pizza!

    Tink *~*~*
    My Mobile Adventures *~*~*


  14. abby says:

    gusto ko nung spanish sardines!!