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The other day, hubby and I were having this animated conversation about the future.  It was like we were daydreaming out loud and having a lot of fun.   One thing we both agreed on is that our dreams need not remain as such.  We could actually make a go for them and make them a reality.  The first steps we could take, of course, is to save, invest (that is to say, if we have something to invest!) and just be moneywise.

For now, we think it would be good idea to secure a certificate of deposit, in addition to our savings account.  Since we don’t have any idea on CD rates, we headed to hubby’s laptop to research.  Oursearch led us to  I have to say, that was a major eureka moment for both of us.  The site is very useful in that it has a comparative list of the annual percentage yield (apy) being offered by banks and credit unions.  And mind you, all the banks and credit unions in their list are  federally insured.  We were easily able to compare the rates for savings, checking and CD accounts.  The site will be very useful for one who is wants to lock-in higher rates for a CD account, a high-yield savings & checking account or set-up an emergency fund.

Now that we know  all these valuable info is just at our fingertips, all we have to do now is come up with the money to put into an account….or accounts.  ;)

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