Crazy Kitchen Gadgets I

I was surfing the net yesterday and I was amazed at the amount of crazy kitchen gadgets out there.  Cooking and eating is “serious” business, at least for the more uptight among us.  Hee hee.  But who said we can’t have fun in the kitchen and the dining room.

With that said, we’ll have a Crazy Kitchen Gadgets Day, today.  I don’t know how many parts this will take, but I’d like to present the things I found in categories or batches.  And for the record, this is not a paid post.  Hee hee.  Ready?

Let’s call the first batch “Kitchen Voodoo”. :)

1.  The Ex 5-Piece Stainless-Steel Knife Set with Unique Holder

Have a grudge against somebody?  Well don’t keep it all in.  You don’t want a heart attack.  Let these men absorb your anger, frustration or whatever ill feelings you might have against someone…an ex boyfriend/girlfriend perhaps?  Hee hee.  I’d love to have this in my kitchen.  Hint, hint! :D 


 2.  Ouch!  Toothpick Holder

 In the Philippines, my home country, some provinces are known for witchcraft and voodoo.  I can’t help but wonder if they had anything to do with this.

 Don’t you think these are perfect for parties.  You’ll score points with you guests, I bet! :)  I want these, too!  Hee hee.  Another hint! Hint! ;)

3.  Whack Him in the Head Knife Block

Now this, I wouldn’t want anywhere in my kitchen.  Woudln’t it scare the crap our of anyone?  Imagine yourself going about your way in the kitchen and everytime you turn, boom!  There’s a head on your counter with knives in it.  Eeeeew.  This isn’t as fun as the first two we’ve covered.

That’s all for the first installment.  I’ll be back for the next one sooner than you think.

Photos were snagged from the Funny Gifts Online Catalog and Inventorspot.Com.

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