Crazy Kitchen Gadgets II

As I’ve said it’s “Crazy Kitchen Gadgets Day” on this site today.  My first installment is HERE, just three posts down. :)  Here’s the second installment.  I’m calling this batch, “Shake It!  Shake It!”

1.  Movers and Shakers, The Self-Shaking Salt & Pepper

With this, you need only to pull the cord, invert the shaker and hold.  The shaker does all the work for you.  Talk about lazy bones!

2.  Fred Lift and Shake Salt and Pepper Set

This is perfect for the health buffs.  I do think it’s quite cool. :)


3.  Farting Salt & Pepper Shakers

Sorry, no sound effects.  I don’t get these two.  Why would anyone want farting shakers?  OK, maybe some will want a pair.  Definitely not me.

4.  Salt and Playtime

It’s bad manners to play with food so play with the shakers instead. :)  If you have this pair and they suddenly can’t be found, first place to search would be the toy box.

5.  Gnome Salt & Pepper Shakers

For the gnome lovers perhaps? :)

That’s all for this batch.  There’s more to come.  Promise. ;)  And again, this is not a paid post.  Hee hee.

Photos snagged from  the Funny Gifts Online Catalog.

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