Crazy Kitchen Gadgets III

Here’s the 3rd installment of crazy kitchen gadgets,  Let’s call this the “More than a Spoon & Fork” series.

1.  Sneaky Spoon


2.  Free Loaders Fork

This is the erswhile partner of the sneeky spoon.  :D

This is the exact description for this product:  “You can use this amazing spoon to sneak a taste of the dessert next to you, scoop up that last bit of ice cream without getting your hands all sticky, retrieve a tasty morsel you accidently dropped in the trash, or simply poke someone from a safe distance! Extends up to 2 feet!”   What do you think? 

3.  Twirling Spaghetti Fork


This twirling fork is for those who never quite mastered eating spaghetti.  Geeez.  It is battery operated and does all the twirling for you.

4.  Fractured Fork / Bending Fork

This fork isn’t really made for eating.  It’s more for setting up your friends or guests for a practical joke, because when one uses this fork to pick up food, it will bend.  :)

And for the kiddos….

5.  Fred Dinnersaurs Spoon and Fork Set

How about a “spoonosaurus” and a “tricerafork” for the little ones?

6.  Farm Sticks

These are not a spoon and fork but they are kinda in the same category as they bring food from the plate or bowl to the mouth.  Hee hee!  Some of just couldn’t befriend the chopsticks.  These ought to make picking up those yummy Asian food with ease.  ;)

That would be all for this series.

Photos snagged from the Funny Gifts Online Catalog.

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