Training for the Gold

We got a call from hubby’s friend, Ron, an IT professional working for a computer company in Singapore, and he informed us that he will be coming here to the US next month.  He will be spending a month-long training in their US office in addition to the Cisco training that he is also supposed to undergo.

We all see this as a good opportunity for Ron to gain an advantage over other professionals in the same field.  As it is, his company already expects him to know everything, say, which voicemail system is better or more appropriate for them, CUE (Cisco Unity Express) or Cisco Unity?  Try answering that!  Ok, I’ll tell you. CUE will be excellent for smaller environments, while Cisco Unity is for larger environments. ;)  But I only know this because I took a peek at GlobalKnowledge.Com.

Whatever field you are in, never discount the benefits of training.  It might get you the gold…the same way in does for athletes.  These days, certification can be your passport to a better future. 

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