What’s in the Lunch Bag?

My daughter, Abby, goes to school everyday.  She goes to a montessori school which gives a lot of focus on independence.  Hence, even the children who attend school for only half of the day, like Abby does, eat their lunch in school.  The school strongly suggests having the kids bring  food that can easily be eaten  without too much assistance from the teachers.

Abby, in the last 8 months or so that she’s been going to school, has so far brought chicken nuggets, sandwiches,  fish sticks, to name a few, for lunch.  She prefers Asian nibblers though…dimsum.  Her current favorite are these:

These are shrimp siomai (“shumai” is what’s written on the package) bought from the Asian store.  I just steam them in my trusty bamboo steamer.  How’s that for authenticity?  Sometimes, we buy the ones with crab (imitation crab!) on top.  Much as I want to vary her lunch meals, for two consecutive days (Monday and Tuesday), she had these.  Both days, she came home with her lunch containers empty.  7 to 8 pcs. of these may not seem too much for an adult, but for a kid Abby’s size, that’s a lot!  Plus, she always has fruit for dessert, too!  When I packed her something else on Wednesday, dumplings, she was a little dismayed.  Nevertheless, she ate most of it, not all of it.  She reminded me so many times that day that we should buy some more siomai at the Asian market.  Hee hee. :)  That, we will do.  At least, I won’t have to stress about what to make or pack for her lunch.  Whew.

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  1. I’m so sure Abby and I will click… I can live just by eating siomai and siopao alone…burp!


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