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We’ve been living in the US for a year now and often, I would encounter words and terminologies that are alien to me.  Many times, I would find such words and terminologies on the internet.  Take for example the words “temporary attorney”.  What’s a temporary attorney?  Does that mean there’s a “permanent attorney”?  Pardon my ignorance but my knowledge of the law and terminologies related to it are limited to the ones I hear on tv shows, the movies, the news, and maybe a little from school.

Ms. Ilene Cohen is an example of a temporary attorney… temporary attorney New York to be more precise. Her company is, “per diem” being the operative word. They offer their services to busier law firms, to take care of less important court appearances, thereby allowing the busy law firms to focus on more pressing matters.

Ms. Cohen and her colleagues at are always reachable and available even on short notice and provide coverage in 52 New York State counties. They handle matters, that include but are not limited to, conferences, EBTs, motions, hearings, adjournments, bankruptcy, physicals(IME), appeals, and criminal matters.

Isn’t it nice to learn something new everyday? :) 

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