Crazy Kitchen Gadgets: Drinking Glasses

How are your eyes?  Good I hope!  Did you know that there is an eyeglass looking drinking thingy?  Dig this…

It’s called the Sip ‘n Swirl drinking glasses.  Here’s the description:  “This straw sits as glasses on your face and when you sip, the liquid swirls around your eyes! It’s goofy and hilarious! Great for kids and fun for adults.”  Hee hee!  I’m kinda liking it.  But that’s just my inner weirdo trying to come out.  :P Imagine going to a fine dining restaurant where everyone speaks in hushed tones and then you take out this sip ‘n swirl straw.  I bet  you’ll be the talk of the town.  Hahaha!  What do you say we make a go for it?  Doing crazy stuff, within the bounds of the law, of course, can be a stress reliever.  :D

Like all the others, the photo was snagged from the Funny Gifts Online Catalog. :)  Is this a paid post?  Not! :D

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