Moving the Goods

Our family business in the Philippines, involves the manufacture and export of metal art pieces (sculptures).  My Mom started it all.  When our exporter friends learned last year, that my husband, daughter and I will be moving to the US, they were all suggesting (expecting even!) that I will establish a US office for the business as well as join trade fairs.  But then, there’s so much that I don’t know about putting up a retail type of business in the US, and that includes shipping of the goods.  How do I ship to my customers?  Do I ship by air, sea, land or train?

So I’ve been doing a bit of research lately and came across Logistics Groups International.  The company specializes in heavy haul trucking though so I’m not sure if we’re a perfect fit.  Their main focus is handling cargo between the US, Mexico and Canada, which is all I need really.  After some more sleuthing in the website, I learned that they do LTL (less than truckload shipping), which will be more suitable for my yet to be established US branch of the family business.  I also found out that LGI offers an extensive list of shipping services:  air and ocean freight, ground transport, auto transport, rail transport, boat transportation and all-risk insurance.  They also make sure that the cargo gets to its destination on time, and within the budget.  That’s an absolute must!

I think I’m off to a good start.  But there’s still so much that I have to learn.  Let’s see how this will all work out.

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