Nouveau Riche

I dream of being considered Nouveau Riche, French for “new rich” or “new money”, which refers to a person who has acquired considerable wealth in his/her generation. ;)  Why not?  It’s a legitimate wish, if I may say so myself. 

If the “law of attraction” were to be believed, thinking and reading about rich people can and will actually aid me in getting that wish.  That’s visualization for you!  You could just imagine how ecstatic I was when I chanced upon Wikipedia’s rags to riches page!  It has links to tens of rags to riches stories, from fairy tale princesses, like Cinderella and Snowhite, to biblical figures,  like Moses and Joseph, to the most notable people of our generation, the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Bill Clinton, Elvis Presley and many more!

Truth be told, I like reading stories about people overcoming hardships and trials.  Stories which couldn’t be more real life than life itself.  It looks like I’ll be burning the midnight oil with Wikipedia tonight.  I’ve got a lot of interesting Nouveau Riche stories to read. ;)

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