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I got a call from a long-time friend, N,  who is now based in Washington (State).  He came to the US a few months before we did.  He excitedly told me that he’s now looking around for a new car as he has already saved enough money for a reasonable downpayment.  And since we have only recently bought a new car, he was asking me for tips.

Get your credit score first,” was what I told him.  Really, here in the US, your credit score, if good, is your passport to getting good rates for anything, specially a car.  If it isn’t so good for whatever reason, then things get a little more complicated.  And for a while, he was silent.  He then asked me where he could get that info.  Immediately, I headed to my laptop and Googled away.  One site I came across was

The site is very helpful, specially for people like us, who are new to the ways of Uncle Sam. :)  Everything that a person needs to know about credit cards, loans, credict scores and establishing a credit history is there.  It also offers  3-free credit report and score.  Any questions one has about credits and the like, the site will answer for free.  I also appreciate how they give books and articles on credit.  Here’s an example of an article that I found: 

“It’s well-known to everybody that there are a lot of acts that protect credit and financial right of consumers. It is even allowed to apply for a credit card in spite of a person’s age, race or religion. When you want to dispute with your credit card companies you know that there are a lot of acts that protect your rights. All the acts are familiar to credit cardholders. However there are some exceptions.

There is the so-called Equal Opportunity Act that protects consumers against sexual discrimination. One of the major credit card companies Visa has created credit cards in cooperation with the big lesbian company Olivia.

Olivia credit cards offer rewards for the dollars spend on purchases. The collected points can be redeemed for the services and merchandise.

Besides, the cardholders can redeem for Olivia dollars to pay for trips. Olivia credit cards give a chance to get discounts in the places where gays and lesbians prefer to spend their time.

What’s more the collected points can be exchanged for air tickets and cash back. So no matter whether you are a businessman, a student or a housewife, you have a wonderful chance to profit from these cards.

The interest rates of Olivia credit cards can be different. That depends on your credit score and your credit history.”

Before we said our good-byes, N thanked me for saving him a lot of time and trouble.  It wasn’t too long ago when hubby and I were the ones wondering about credit scores. 

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