Self-Defense Fashion

I have a good friend who is a Karate black belter.  She is now based in San Francisco and this coming Mother’s Day is her first.  She gave birth only last year and the last time we talked, she told me she’s ready to get back into fighting form. 

Having heard that, I thought It would be wonderful if I got her Martial Arts Gear for Mother’s Day.  I stumbled upon and was surprised to find self-defense gear, which to me, looked so fashionable!  They even carry the only shoes of its kind that can be worn on the dojo floor…Hy-Gens shoes.  My problem now is I can’t decide what item to get my friend…new uniform, belt, sports bag, chest guard, thigh guard…there’s just too many to choose from. 

I hope I don’t end up unnecessarily buying something for myself!  Come to think of it, I might actually find a chest guard useful in the kitchen.  It does become a virtual war zone when I’m frying something. ;)

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