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Since our move to the US last year and my job title change to “stay-at-home-mom”, my dream of furthering my education came back to haunt tease me.  I’m seriously considering Distance Learning .  I don’t really want to attend classes in a regular school right now as putting my daughter in daycare isn’t really an option.  I’ve heard of on-line degrees and thought that might be my best option. 

When I mentioned this to my brother a few days ago, he was very encouraging and suggested I take a look at the website of Kaplan Open Learning.  My brother used to be a safety instructor in one of Kaplan’s International locations in the Philippines.  That would explain his loyalty to the school.

So I did visit the website to take a look.   I was surprised to find out that Kaplan Open Learning and the University of Essex are working together to offer on-line Foundation Degrees to working adults.  Kaplan Open Learning is actually the specialist UK online higher education division.  The University of Essex, if you must know, happens to be one of UK’s leading academic institutions.  It consistently ranks among the top 10 UK univerisities for the quality of its research and teaching.

The courses being offered  are Business and Management, Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Sales Management and Internet Marketing.  I must admit, these all look attractive to me because after all, we are entrepreneurs back home running our own business.  But while we are entrepreneurs, we never really had formal entrepreneurship education.  After reading the course overview for entrepreneurship, I was almost convinced I needed it.

Then again, there’s Internet Marketing.  Everyone’s on the internet and everybody wants to do business on the internet, us included.  So this is also definetely a course worth considering.

Does distance learning mean I’ll be left to fend for myself 100% of the time?  Fortunately, that won’t be the case. I learned that throughout the course, students will have a dedicated academic adviser.  Students will also have the chance to interact among themselves and their tutor.

Now I see why more and more people are opting for Distance Learning .  It is convenient, allows flexibility and a surefire way to start or enhance a career.  I should definitely give myself some time to think this over.

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