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Unlike my personal blog which is hosted for free, this site’s hosting is paid for.  I’m really liking the freedom of having a self-hosted site.  I can practically do anything I want with my site, from the design, to the plug-ins, etc.  Then again, for someone who isn’t really well versed in web design and self hosting, it can be really intimidating at times.  And there have been nights when my stress levels were high because something seemed to be wrong.

It’s good to know that there are sites, like Stylish Design  that can serve as on-line reference material for people like me who are new to website development.  Articles on the site are not limited to web development.  There are very useful information on backup and recovery, SEO, page ranks, adwords, a number of “how to” articles, and so much more. 

Between you and me, I’ve already bookmarked the site.  ;)

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