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I got a call yesterday from a college classmate of mine, Liz, who is now working for an architectural firm in LA.  Back in college, we used to team up for design projects and I’m so happy that she seems to have found her place in the world of architecture.  Anyway, she wanted to share with me the good news that she’s been tasked to head the interior decorating team for their firm’s  restaurant project.  In the same breath, she asked me if I knew of furniture companies.  I kind of found it funny that Ms. LA Bigtime (how I teasingly call my friend) is asking me, Mrs. Texas SAHMMY (stay-at-home-mommy).  Well, once an architect, always an architect. ;)

I told her to check out the website of Contract Furniture Company.  Better yet, I suggested she visit the Los Angeles showroom.  They have a New York showroom too, with showrooms in other locations under development.   The company stands for quality, value and style and has a wide range of indoor and outdoor furniture including wrought iron food court seating, Europen style dining chairs, table tops, bar stools, and so much more, that come in a variety of materials: wood, rattan, metal, resin, etc.  And they pride themselves for competetively priced furniture pieces.

Liz was very pleased with the info she was able to fish out of me.  I told her if she needed more help, she can always fly me to LA at her expense. ;) 

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