To-Do List

Abby, Gracie and Meeya tagged me for this meme.

Here’s my list.

1.  Go to the supermarket to buy “pantry and fridge replenishments”. Hee hee.

2.  Take the clean dishes out of the dishwasher.

3.  Clear the sink of dirty dishes.

4.  Clean the stove and microwave.

5.  Fold the (supermarket) shopping bags that have been piling up!

Whew!  And believe  me, this list ought to be longer.  Hee hee! :P

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I’m tagging Teacher JulieJen and Kerslyn. :)

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One Response to “To-Do List”

  1. Meeya says:

    thanks weng! :D *muah*

    Hi Mee! You’re welcome! Ang bilis ko ano?! :P


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