WW #10: Cause & Effect

This is supposed to be wordless, but what the heck. :D  It’s Teacher Appreciation Week from 05-09 May and  “Treats” was the theme for Tuesday.  So Monday night, I slaved it off in the kitchen baking some white-chip brownies.  Abby helped me clean up.  She started with the mixing bowl and rubber spatula.  Enjoy the pics! ;)


CLICK HERE FOR THE EFFECT.  More Wordless Wednesday HERE.

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13 Responses to “WW #10: Cause & Effect”

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  2. Thess says:

    ha ha ha!! so there was no need to wash the spatula after, right? (^0^)


  3. snap Catch says:

    lol! she’s so hungry….. cute little girl, Happy WW! hope you’ll visit mine too.


  4. tigerfish says:

    Is that some chocolate stuff? I may do that too! So keep me out of your kitchen :P


  5. joy says:

    na-miss ko ang photos ni abby :)


  6. Suzie says:

    Looks good. What fun cooking together


  7. julie says:

    These photos are fun!


  8. Great pictures! I’m going to check on the ‘effect’ now… :-)

    Here is my WW post for today.

    Have a great WW day!


  9. Holly says:

    Tasty! I love your countertops!


  10. Meeya says:

    hehe, yan din ang fave part ni ninna, ang pagpapak ng spatula. :D


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  12. Dyes says:

    wow, she seems to like the chocolate and have fun licking ’em off the spatula :)


  13. The perfect way to clean a spatula… lick it! Yum! I would have done the same.