Cool Ice

It’s already summer in the Philippines, my home country, and here in Texas, where I am now, it feels like summer already.  It’s safe to say that ice is at its most popular around this time.  Want to have stylish ice?  Check these out! :D

1.  Ice Spoon Mold

If you don’t like plastic spoons and at the same time dread having to wash real spoons, this might be perfect for you.  An ice spoon! :D  Every body loves a glass of iced tea so have one in style.  The ice doubles as a stirrer…stirrer you won’t have to clean-up.  Look ma, no more spoon! ;)

2.  Ice Kabobs

Spring & summer translate to barbecue/ grill season.  How about some ice kabobs to match the grilled meat kabobs?  Hee hee. :)

3.  Fred Cool Jewels

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend…jewel ice, too! ;)

4.  Fred Cool Jazz

This literally jazzes up your drink. :D 

5.  Ice Shot Glasses

This will be a big hit for those who love a shot. ;)  What’s cooler than a shot glass made of ice?  This is a reuseable mold which can be filled with water, juice or ice mix or whatever beverage.   Freeze it and it’s ready! 

6.  Fred Cool Shooters

This isn’t any different than #5, but’s it’s cheaper by $2. :)


Happy ice molding, y’all! ;)

*Photos snagged from the Funny Gifts Online Catalog.  This is not a sponsored post. :D*

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