Holy Toast

Why anyone would want to have a toast like this is beyond me.

This is called “Holy Toast: The Miracle Bread Stamper that makes a heavenly breakfast!

Tsk, tsk!  I just don’t get it.  It’s supposed to be a “gag gift for those who believe in miracles.”  Not funny, I say.  Not funny.  Or is it just the Catholic in me talking?  Oh well.

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  1. abs says:

    not too pleased either. though i didn’t think it was sacrilegious, hindi ko lang makuha kung anong point. those hello kitty bread stampers i would understand because it appeals to kids, but this?

    Hi Abs! I also don’t think it’s sacrilegious. Hindi ko lang talaga type. Did they think this will appeal to religious people in the same way hello kitty appeals to kids? Nakainom siguro yung nag-isip nito…at yung pumayag na gawin ang product niya. Hahaha! :D


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